Third time’s a charm?

Well, I don’t think I have to tell you – but I’ve moved again. I just could never get comfortable with A Beautiful Life. Stinks, too, I had high hopes for it. But it left me with very little inspiration to write about anything. I’m not sure why. It seemed hard to get any thoughts together, much less sit down and write them, although, perhaps it wasn’t the blog? Perhaps it was the one year old that now runs around like a maniac. Or perhaps it was moving. Or perhaps it was life getting in the way of my blogging. Ironic, wouldn’t you say?

Anyways, I again have high hopes for this little gem. I’m really liking it so far. I even changed carriers. WordPress took some real figuring out, but I think I like it better. It seems cleaner, more organized. More sophisticated? Because we all know how sophisticated I am.

I want to try, and I mean really try, to live our life through blogging. It’s become really fun for me to share most of our lives with you. When I started blogging two+ years ago, there was no Leah. There was no new house. There was no new soon to be puppy. I really didn’t think I had much to write about; but somehow I kept finding things. I had Kyle, which a lot of the time is more than enough material. I kind of felt like I was at my best blogging throughout pregnancy; I mean, my goodness, that was the time of my life. And then after the little bug was born, I’ve struggled. Probably because the little bug was born. But I’m determined to get back on track. I feel like we are in the prime of “just starting out” as they say. I mean, we’ve got the baby, the new house, the soon to be new dog. I should have more than enough to keep my fingers typing.

I want to really document our lives. I already love reading back through Life with the Proebsting’s and everything that went on during that time. So much of it I’ve already forgotten, but when I read about a certain day in our lives back then it all comes flooding back. I love that I decided to start a blog, and I really want to make it into a good one. For you, but a lot more for me. Life is moving at an incredible rate of speed right now, and if I don’t stop often to document… precious, seemingly meaningless at the time, memories get lost in the shuffle. So I’m on a mission to document. To record. To Chronicle our Lives.

There is much more life to come from the Proebsting’s. I hope you’ll continue to follow us.


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