Kyle Proebsting, A.S.A.

Well, he did it again.

Another test. Another pass. Only this one carried a little more weight than the others. This one shot him right up to join the big dogs with initials behind his name. That’s right, I’m now married to Kyle Proebsting, a.s.a.. What is ASA you ask? Associate of the Society of Actuaries. He’s an associate, no biggie.

This stupid little “test” wasn’t so much of a test, but more of a task management scenario. Easy, right?


It was a four day long ordeal; taking up a Friday-Monday weekend. He had 96 hours to complete this thing which included seven different questions that he needed to answer correctly and in the format they wanted.

But here’s the really fun part. They never told him the format they wanted! They just gave him these questions and secretly laughed while he did his best to imagine what they would like to see as they graded. It’s such a ridiculous process; I am offcially convinced of that.

I honestly don’t know how he does it over and over and over and over again. Why anyone would want to do stuff like this is beyond me. He must really love his job. Or perhaps the money. Or perhaps he’s completely delusional and thinks it’s fun… which is my theory. No one in their right mind would put themselves through all of this just because.

Truth be told – he took this sucker once before. And obviously guessed wrong on what they wanted to see. But did they say, “nope, change this and this and this.” Did they say, “reword this.” Did they say, “you flat out got number three wrong.” Did they say, “we were looking for more of a ___ answer.” No, no they did not. Of course they didn’t. They simply said, try again. No help They did tell him questions one and three could use the most work, but that was it! He didn’t know what kind of “work” they needed, or if 2,4,5,6, and 7 were okay. All he knew was that they didn’t like how he answered 1 and 3. He didn’t know if it was the format or if he got the answer wrong. I mean how freaking ridiculous?!

Talk about heartbreaking. It’s hard to be a wife in moments like that. What do you say? Obviously, I said I was sorry. But it just sounded so worthless coming out of my mouth. And I could be of no real help. I couldn’t help him, I couldn’t answer the questions for him, I couldn’t march up to give these people a piece of my mind like I wanted to. I could just say I was sorry, and sit around helplessly as he put himself through another four days of this craziness. And to top it off he said he felt like he let Leah and I down. I mean, c’mon. Are you kidding me, honey?! All we do is sit around and admire how smart and dedicated he is… pass or fail… this guy is as smart and as good as they come.

But luckily, we don’t have to dwell on the fail part anymore. He passed, and it is all behind us now! We can all breathe again!

Kind of… what’s next on the insane agenda? Exam DP. Design and Pricing. Don’t you wish you could take a test like that? Here’s what it entails… in picture form, because I don’t have words for things like this.

The study schedule in case you want to join him.

The study manual.

Sample page. However, I like 1a. Basically admitting they’re all insane. “The future is impossible to predict, but actuaries try to do it anyways.”

Nbd, he just has to memorize all of these flashcards. (The eraser is saving his spot).

Oh, wait. And all of these stacks of flashcards, too.

And there you have it. On November 1, he gets to put all of his hard studying to work and take a six hour test pulling all of the above information out of his brain as needed. Where he has space for all of it in there I have no idea.

Until then, or at least for today, we will enjoy the fact that he has knocked another one out of the way, he got some pretty sweet initials to go after his name, and that we are one step closer to finishing this stuff once and for all!

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  1. Kyle Proebsting

    What’s crazy is that that isn’t my study manual. That’s study notes/readings assigned by the SOA (and only part of them) . There are also 7 books with assigned readings and about 26 online readings assigned. All in all it’s about 2500 pages worth of reading. The study manual condenses these 2500 pages worth of readings into 420 pages of bulleted notes and the note cards condense them further into 600 flash cards for memorization. It’s pretty insane. Yaaaay…At least it’ll be my birthday almost after I take it…haha

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