Woof, Woof!

This baby has got a set of eyes on her! She can spot a dog from a mile away, and then proceed to bark at it. I’ve learned to just trust that if Leah is barking… there is a dog somewhere around her.

We are all about animals these days, folks. Old MacDonald has taken up residence with the Proebstings. We are a barking, quacking, baa’ing family – and it all starts with the little one. Man, she is learning things so quickly these days. It seems like we teach her one thing and she just takes it and runs with it. She is loving learning to communicate, not only with her animal friends, but with her human friends as well! It seems like just within the past couple of days she has learned new ways to communicate with us verbally and non-verbally. For instance, just today she has learned the word Yes. And not just being able to say it, she has learned in which instances to use it. For example, “do you want to go inside?” “Yes.” Only, it’s more of a “ess.” But, hey, we get it. Her word count, that I can recall at 9 o’clock at night is as follows: yes, this, that, all done, done, sit, shoes, hello, outside (her version; da taaaaa), dada, mom, and perhaps down. I thought I heard it several times today, but I’m not quite convinced I should add it to the list. I’ll let you know soon. And then of course, you have your standard woof woof, quack quack, and baaa.

With all of this talking she’s been doing, I’m really starting to feel like her mom. Because, Lord knows, some of these things she “says” only her mama (and perhaps daddy) can understand. I mean, really, if she came up to you and said, “da taaaaa” would you take her outside? Probably not. But we’ve got that kind of 24/7 connection with her that helps us figure out “Leah language.” It’s pretty fun, decoding all of these little sounds. It’s fun to watch all of this babble slowly turn into real words.

But sometimes I think… the words just aren’t coming quick enough! Remember when Leah was only rolling? And wanted so desperately to be crawling as well? And she was so frustrated with herself. And we were so annoyed listening to that grunting all day long? Well. We’ve come full circle… only with mental frustrations. She is wanting so badly to tell us all kinds of things she wants and needs. And we are wanting so badly to understand just what in the world she is asking for… and it just makes for long days. Long.Days. We are at the height of “eh, eh, eh;” with outstretched arms and fingers pointing to God knows what. So much of the day is taken up by whining! I know that she is on the brink of so many words, and I know that like everything else this phase will pass oh so quickly… but my goodness, this might be the hardest for me to get through. Like I told Kyle last night, imagine if all of your coworkers only whined, grunted, and pointed all day long. What kind of shape would you be in at the end of the day?

Cause I practically faint into bed.

But. I still love her. And she is extremely lucky she is cute. And I know that her brain is on overdrive (I can all but see it), so I know she is not whining just to get on my nerves. She is working on a gazillion new sounds and words. So really, I can’t blame her. And I won’t. But that doesn’t make it any easier.

Do you know what does make it easier? These winter temperatures we’ve been having! Oh my goodness, thank the Heavens for weather under 90 degrees. Leah and I have been living outside lately. We were at the park yesterday at 7:30am. And we came home at 9am. It just too nice to pass up! Today we were outside most of the day again. Leah loves to reorganize the rocks in the gardens. And I love to sit on the step and watch her move them from place to place, eventually putting them back in the gardens. Sometimes she just works so hard doing absolutely nothing. I’ve started to give her little jobs around the house, and she really seems to enjoy them. She can throw things away, use our electric sweeper, throw the dirty clothes from her bedroom downstairs (her favorite), and help me put clothes into the washer and dryer. It’s fun to have a little helper, even if it means I do double the work in 10 times the amount of time. But it means that she is occupied, having fun, feeling useful, and not playing in a toilet somewhere.

Have you heard the news? In t minus three weeks we will be welcoming a very handsome chocolate lab into our family. And we could not be more excited! Having Bella here overnight last weekend was just torture. We so wanted that to work out, and to be able to call her ours. But since it didn’t, that sent us into overdrive puppy mode. We just saw how much Leah really loved her, and we didn’t really see the point in waiting until Christmas to get our boy. We found a guy out of Springfield that just had one litter of 11 chocolate labs (poor mama!). So through email, then phone, then texts… we had him pick us the biggest, and darkest male out of the group. He sent us pictures – and man are we excited to see this little (big) guy in person! He’s just three weeks now, but when we get him will be around 7 I believe. We are just so excited to raise a puppy together from start to finish, and to watch Leah grow up with such an awesome breed of dog. All signs point to her being totally ready for a four legged brother. First, you have the barking at any and every dog she sees. Even the ones on dog food bags… everyone gets a woof woof. Then you have the fact that she is very interested in what will be his dog bed. She spends a lot of time in that during the day. She has chewed on the toys we have for him already, as well as tasted a milk bone. Last night her dad put Duncan’s collar on one of Leah’s stuffed dogs and they walked him around the house… Leah was just dying laughing. She thought it was the greatest thing ever. She loves to be in the crate we set up for him, and goes in it completely on her own. But today was the icing on the cake. With no prompting from me (actually, I wasn’t even in the room), she took that same stuffed dog, put him in the crate, and shut the door.

We both predict that she will be very hands on with his upbringing. Poor dog doesn’t know what’s coming his way. Cesar would be proud… she will be the pack leader for sure!

That’s all she wrote for today. I hope you’re enjoying the new set-up!



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