Pink, sparkly shoes.

I think we all have mental clips in our heads of teenage girls fighting with their parents over clothes or shoes or boys. The two go back and forth and back and forth until finally the girl goes running into her bedroom and slams the door behind her.


Scene from a movie moment.

Well, minus the running and slamming that all happened between a one year old and myself this morning. What.

Only it wasn’t over clothes, or shoes, or thank goodness a boy… it was over an electrical cord. My computer cord to be exact. I had it strung across the floor to reach my computer in the kitchen (I know, I know, my fault). However, Leah was playfully distracted in the living room. Soon enough, however, she made her way to that cord and grabbed it. Of course, I said “no, no,” just as politely as I could. Leah smiled, and continued grabbing it. My “no” got more firm, and Leah’s smile lessened. It was the beginning of a full out battle. You might think that I should have just taken it from her, but I’m really trying to get her to obey, not just take everything she can’t have away so she never learns to listen. So anyways, for a a minute or so we went on like this:

Me: Leah, no.

Leah: Ess.

Me: No, ma’am.

Leah: Ess.

Me: Leah, no.

Leah: Esss.

Me: (trying so hard not to laugh at her stubbornness and the fact that I am fighting a one year old), NO.

And I took it. After all, I didn’t want to risk her actually getting hurt or shocked. Perhaps someday she’ll obey me. Actually, she does listen quite a bit of the time, apparently just not this morning. And when she is being stubborn… there is not a thing in the world that will change her. Oh, I love it and I hate it at the same time.

That little story sheds some light on how the word “yes,” has impacted our lives so mightily in the past few days. I think she only started saying it on Sunday… and she hasn’t let up. Besides fighting with me, she also uses it to tell me what she wants, which is pretty useful. For instance, she’ll point at her cup she sees on the counter and say, yes. Or I can ask if she wants to do something and she’ll answer with yes. And if she ignores me… it’s a non-verbal no. It’s cute to hear her little voice use real words… even if she is using them against me.

Remember when she was a newborn and I said she acted like a one year old? Well, now she’s one and is acting like a twelve year old. Some days I just can’t match her mental toughness. She flat out wears me down! Take today in Target. Like every other day in Target. Although, we had a specific goal of jeans for her. There are temps below 80 in the forecast, and would you believe it… she has no pants! It’s been a while since we’ve needed them I suppose.

Anyways, we were on a hunt. So as I was looking over the jeans, Leah starts in with “woof, woof.” I told you how when she barks I’ve learned that there must be a dog. I start looking for a seeing eye dog, or a box of treats in someones cart, or something. I see nothing. I keep looking at the jeans, Leah keeps barking… only adds pointing (thank God). Low and behold, she’s pointing and barking at a shirt with puppies all over it. Are you kidding me? I laugh and pick it up and give it to her. It’s gray; maybe my least favorite color on her, but she was grinning from ear to ear while still pointing at the puppies and barking. I mean, how do you say no to that? I started reasoning… okay, it’s 6 bucks. She’ll need long sleeves eventually. This is the first time she’s really picked out her own clothes. It’s puppies for goodness sakes. All valid excuses to buy it, no? So I let her hang on to it. Then we hit up the shoes, because I saw they were on sale, and like jeans and long sleeve shirts, she could use a few pairs of close toed shoes. I start looking for tennis shoes… Leah starts reaching and grunting like she’s possessed. I look over… pink sparkly shoes with bows on the top. Whose kid is this?! Even though I personally prefer a cute pair of functional tennis shoes to a sparkly pair of ballet flats… it’s hard to deny a little girl her first pair of sparkly shoes… especially when it’s obvious she can’t live without them.

I’m still baffled every day by her wit, her determination, her stubbornness, but most of all… her awareness. In all of her 13 months she has never missed a beat. Nothing gets by her. And it’s becoming very obvious that it’s only going to get worse. She is only going to get smarter. She is only going to notice more. And this is only the beginning of pink, sparkly shoes.

Sorry, daddy.

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