Man, things just don’t slow down, do they? I keep waiting for this magical day when I sit down and breathe… but it hasn’t come and sure isn’t showing signs of coming anytime soon. So what’s new; what’s going on that is sucking up all of my breathing time?

Well, for starters there’s the baby. You remember her; Leah. She certainly isn’t stopping anytime soon. In fact, just today I had yet another slowwww downnn moment with her. She is skyrocketing through toddlerhood. Here is the abridged version of what she’s been up to the last week:

  • She has self taught herself sign language. And I don’t know how, we certainly didn’t show her. But here are some of her favorites. For starters, and the cutest, she will pinch her pointer and thumb together on each hand. That clearly means she wants us to sing the Itsy Bitsy Spider with her. It’s so sweet, but once we start… we keep going. 89 verses of that song get a little old, let me tell you. The only way to make her stop is to start singing a different song. She also rubs her belly when she’s hungry. What the heck? Who taught her that. She’s a genius. So she’ll rub her belly and run to the fridge. Did you hear me… genius. When she wants to wash her hands she comes at me rubbing her hands together. That one she’s done for a while, but I’ve never mentioned it. When she needs help, or wants us to follow her she will come over to us and lift her hand/arm in the air as if she’s raising us up off the couch. Pretty funny, but if we don’t adhere to her signing we get an earful of whining. She is also really enjoying using the “all done” sign we did teach her. She doesn’t just use it for meal times anymore, either. When she wants to get out of her carseat, off the bed, go inside… they all get the all done. And today when I went to get her from her nap she was standing in her crib shaking her hands violently telling me she was allllll done with her nap! She makes me laugh.
  • Kind of on the same topic as signing, I’m trying to teach her prepositions. As many as possible. This whole “talking” thing isn’t coming as fast as she’d like, and she’s getting pretty frustrated. There is a lot of “eh, eh, eh” and whining going around here and it is just plain annoying. So I am trying my hardest to teach her one syllable words. So now anytime I pick her up I make sure to say, “up.” Putting her down, “down.” When she brings me her shoes whining, I quickly say, “on.” When she whines at me to get them off, you guessed it, I say, “off.” Anything to cut out the “eh eh eh” – hopefully she catches on quickly.
  • She is really into silverware. I mean really. Whether she uses them to eat or not, she always has to have a fork or spoon on her tray. She tries to stab her food with her fork, and with a little help she can do it. However, she then takes it off the fork to eat. Ha – crazy kid. She also would prefer the big forks and spoons to hers… and I give them to her. We are beyond the stage of “oh my, she’s gonna poke an eye out.” As long as she’s sitting she can have a big fork.
  • Animals, animals everywhere. We now go to Petsmart just to find puppies running around. The kid loves her an animal. It’s not just dogs; she loves to look at the fish, and kitties, rabbits, and the mice might be her favorite. It’s fun for me because I can see her recalling these animals from her books and putting two and two together. I don’t think anyone minds as we make their sounds throughout the store. P.S. if you’re ever with her, just fyi, bunnies say, “boing boing boing.” Everytime we would get to a bunny in her book we would just go silent and she would look at us like, “ok, what’s the bunny say.” So we had to come up with something.
  • She is now backing herself up only to run forward. She reminds us of a wind up toy, and she thinks it’s a pretty cool trick. I don’t know where she thought of it.
  • She still won’t sit still. Ever. I try to make her watch TV, she doesn’t even humor me. But, it’s good. It’s kind of refreshing to not have the tv on all day. And I can always rest assured that she is getting plenty of exercise.
  • She still loves her shoes. And purses. And jewelry. And now she wants me to put bows in her hair!

If all that isn’t enough for you, how about this… we are getting our very first guest this weekend! Ok, the first might have been my parents, but they don’t count. Ok, maybe they do, but still, I’m having a real live friend fly in on Saturday! Not that I don’t have wonderful friends here, but it’s different when it’s a friend from way back. Anyways, I’m excited. And am planning my cleaning agenda. Because, Lord knows, I can’t do it until five minutes before she walks in the door or you know who will mess it all up. Kyle is taking Leah on a date Saturday morning and I get to clean all by myself! Is it bad that I’m really excited about that? Well, I am. I’m also trying to find things for us to do, besides showing her around Target, but everything I think of things to do my mind wanders to something I can bake. What’s up with that? It’s a good excuse to cook things we never have. Because really, I would never make a pan of brownies for just Kyle and I… but a guest… of course. Brownies, check. And I know that she is equally excited to shower in the monkey bathroom.

So we have crazy person Leah… and a house guest… and a puppy!

Can we talk about this dog for a second?

We don’t even have him yet and he’s causing a ruckus! Trying to get everything ready for him is reminding me so much of trying to get everything ready for Leah. I am learning that puppies and babies are practically identical. Have you seen the dog toys out there? Do you know that they have a rubber teething ring of keys for dogs?! Leah had almost the exact same thing. I’m also learning that we will be raising this dog very similar to how we are raising Leah. For instance, the food. We are going crazy researching food and ingredients. It’s pretty ridiculous. However, we want him to be as healthy as possible. Also, I bought him fragrance free shampoo because Leah’s doctor told me fragrance dries out the skin more… so obviously the same is true for dogs? I find myself wandering through the toy aisle feeling the toys thinking, “would he like to chew on this?” Exactly like what I did with Leah’s toys. Like I said, ridiculous. It’s all so very fun though. I’ve always had a dog growing up, but never with Kyle, and I’ve never been the decision maker for a dog. I never had to pick food or bedding or housing. I was more of the, “you buy it, I’ll play with it.” I was never actually in charge of keeping it alive. This one we are. So we are trying to do it all right. In just a week the little guy will be here! We are so very excited.

That’s about it. That’s more than enough to keep us busy for quite some time.

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