The New Addition.

Wait, why did we want a puppy?

Oh ya, because he’s cute. And let me tell you – he is lucky he’s cute! Kyle and I saw every hour on the clock last night; this dog makes sounds I didn’t know a dog could make! But it was the first night, so I will forgive him. And like I said… he’s cute. Are you friends with me on facebook? Then you know what I mean. If not… exhibit A…

Let’s back track a little. You will remember we were hoping to welcome Bella into our home, but she wasn’t as excited as we were. However, seeing Leah with her put Kyle and I into overdrive “we need a puppy” mode! She was so cute with her, and really seemed to enjoy her. So we started searching almost immediately for a puppy. We have wanted a chocolate lab for literally years. We always knew someday we would get one. We were supposed to get one before we had a baby, but we all know how that turned out. So in our searches, we found a lot of breeders who required applications. We filled out three I believe, and never heard back! What the heck? Are we not fit for a dog. It was pretty annoying, but we kept looking. Low and behold, we found a guy online who lives close to Springfield who bred his dog for the first time. We saw the picture of the puppies when they were three weeks… and they were cute… and cheap (compared to what we were finding). There was no ridiculous application asking what we would do with him when we went on vacations, etc. So we gave the guy a call. He was super nice, and we were sold.

Fast forward the three weeks we had to wait to pick him up. Yesterday had been marked on our calendar with !!! for far too long. And as it got closer… so did Issac. You remember him, the hurricane. We were wondering if we’d even be able to go since they were forecasting the great flood. I did like the idea of rain, but not Saturday! Any day but Saturday. It was going to have to be a game time decision. Luckily, we woke up and it wasn’t as bad as everyone had said. Yes, it was raining… but the roads weren’t covered. We decided to make the trek to get our boy!

We left Leah with her grandparents, and headed out for the three hour drive there and back at 9am. It rained, yes, but it was driveable. We were so stinking excited to see the little ball of fur! In my head, I just kept comparing it to waiting to see Leah. Not as exciting, but pretty darn close! What would he look like?! Would he like us? Would we like him?! The drive went very quickly, to me, and before we knew it we were in McDonalds parking lot about to see our boy.

We met the guy, who made sure to bring all the puppies that had not sold just in case we saw one we liked better. Kyle and I immediately picked out Duncan from the pictures we had already seen. He was the darkest and biggest, so it wasn’t hard to find him. I snatched him up and was sold. I would have gladly taken all eight of them, but I knew I wasn’t leaving without him. He just felt so right in my arms. He was licking my face and wagging his tail and whimpering all while it was pouring down rain. My glasses were covered, my hair was plastered to my face, my shirt was wet… but I didn’t care. He.was.perfect. We shelled out our money, signed some papers, and said goodbye.

The ride home was even quicker than the ride down. Duncan was an absolute gem. He slept in my arms the entire time. He is sure to quench my baby fever for at least a little while. Neither one of us stopped smiling. It’s so fun to have a dream like that come true. Something we’ve imagined and wished for since we were in college, and here we were… finally realizing what it was actually going to be like. What Duncan actually looked like. So surreal. And wonderful.

About halfway home, my thoughts shifted to Leah. She was going to be so excited, I just knew it. We both knew she would just start barking at him the second she saw him. When we got home, however, she seemed less than impressed. She did bark, and smile, and point; however she also had her play dishes in her hands and would not let them go. She wouldn’t pet him, and really wanted very little to do with him. She was jealous, and slightly nervous or his enthusiasm towards her. Which was sad because he was instantly drawn to her. However, once we got inside, and things settled down – she started gaining interest. We let them play for a while inside, then took them outside. Always making sure to keep his paws and teeth off of her. She really liked watching Kyle run from him and having Duncan chase him down. So she tried it herself. She also liked when we said, “ah ah ah” to him, and made sure to join in. (She was probably happy it wasn’t her we were yelling at). By the end of the night we could see a wonderful relationship developing. She’s not crazy about him jumping on her or mouthing her, but putting a stop to that is number one priority so hopefully it will end sooner rather than later. She likes to bring him his toys, and poke him. Ha. They are both going to have to learn to just put up with one another sometimes. She looks for him when she can’t see him, and is warming up by the second.

We have already started in with training Duncan, because he is going to grow huge before we know it. Little things like mouthing and jumping might not be a big deal now, but they will be when he is 100lbs. We don’t want Leah to be scared of him, or to be hurt by him… even if he’s playing. It’s going to take a lot of patience, attention, and training, but we’re up for it. It’ll be so worth it.

It’s already exhausting trying to corral the both of them. I will absolutely have no time to myself when Kyle is at work now. When Leah is playing by herself or napping… I will still have this little thing to watch over. He already loves chewing the carpet, his bed, our furniture, and Leah’s toys. I knew it would be hard, and require constant attention, but it’s one of those things like preparing for a baby… you know it’s going to be tough, but you really don’t know until they get here. I’m very anxious to see how it goes when Kyle leaves us all for work on Tuesday. And right now, I’m just thanking God that he is home for an extra day.

We’ll see if I have any time at all to blog from now on…


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