Super Powers.

I need more eyes.

In a crazy day of dealing with the two of them, I was trying to decide what would help me most. I thought of arms and legs and all of that stuff – but I decided, what I really need is more eyes. My arms do a pretty good job of keeping everyone in line. I can simultaneously grab Leah away from diving into Duncan’s water bowl while swatting Duncan away from knocking over the trashcan. They react and move pretty quickly.  I’m also fairly happy with the work of my legs. I’ve gotten pretty light on my feet. I can run swiftly to a squatting Duncan while weaving around the various toys, books, silverware, and blocks that Leah has on the floor at any given time.

What I am lacking – is eyes.

I need a full set dedicated to Leah. Actually, if I’m getting more, I’ll take two sets for her. She is going everywhere and into everything – I can’t afford to not watch her for more than three minutes. If that. So she has sucked up my two measly eyes… and then there’s still the dog. The dog who might just be worse with the going everywhere and into everything phase. So I need a set for him, yet, I’m all out. I do my best at watching both of them go in different directions – at the same time – I really do. But usually my best still ends with Leah eating dirt and Duncan eating cabinets. But if I had more eyes… I could see, while taking Duncan potty, Leah grabbing the fistful of mud and my swift legs and quick arms could stop her before she put it in her mouth. And if I had more eyes I could see, while feeding Leah, that Duncan is taking chunks out of the cabinets. And my swift legs and quick arms could go to work swatting him away.

Ahh, to dream.

I feel like I don’t see Leah much. (You know, because of my lack of eyes). But seriously, it honestly feels like we have two kids. And Leah just isn’t getting every shred of my attention these days. After all, her brother can do far more damage in the minute I leave him alone than she can. It’s kind of fun in a way, though. Like when he is sleeping, I can lock him in the crate and pretend he’s not here for an hour or so. Leah and I can go about our business, and I can just enjoy being with her and playing with her like when she was an only child (two weeks ago). I’ve learned to really enjoy playtime with just her – and not the monster destroying something while we play. It is so absolutely crazy, and so parallel to when Leah arrived – we lost all concept of life before her. And here we are again, with just a dog, a dog we’ve had not even two weeks – and I don’t remember life before him. Except that it was easier. Much easier.

He is getting better in a lot of aspects though, I need to give him a little credit. For instance, he is/we are sleeping through the night! Again, like a baby. I had a whole set up planned that I learned through my books. Wake them up every couple of hours to pee. Basically beating them to the “crying” so they wouldn’t learn that crying lets them out at night. Seemed to make sense. Except Duncan seemed very angry every night we woke him up. I felt stupid for setting my alarm because I always found him asleep and had to drag him outside. He always went to the bathroom, though, so I figured I was doing something right. But last night was the first night I decided to just see what would happen. And of course, he didn’t make a peep, nor wet his bed. Overnight potty training… check. He also now responds to his name. Most of the time he doesn’t listen… but he at least acknowledges he has a name. He is wonderful with Leah, and is putting up with more and more from her every day. Today I literally pried her out of his cage so he could get a minute of uninterrupted sleep. He seemed very thankful. He is getting better at walking on a leash. It was pretty rough there for a while. We take him on a walk every night, if for nothing else to get him used to his leash. We can now make it successfully around the neighborhood. Considering the first night we didn’t make it out of the driveway – I consider that a huge success.

Leah is also still around – no one forget about her! She is growing and learning and talking by leaps and bounds. She knows every freaking body part on her little body and is more than happy to show them off. I am trying to get a video, but she plays dumb when I get out my phone to record. She is saying yes, thank you, dut-dut, hot, baby, this, and daddy consistently. I’ve been working with her on mama. It’s about time she acknowledge me! She still loves animals – however, having her own dog has really quieted her constant barking. She is loving “helping” me cook – and I am trying so very hard to let her as much as possible. She also loves starting the dishwasher. Why did I teach her that?! I wish I could take it back. She wants to start it all the time! She understands just about anything we say, and even if she doesn’t have the words to respond, we can have a conversation. It’s pretty sweet. She is still loving the song Itsy Bitsy Spider, but has also learned how to ask us to sing, “If you’re happy and you know it,” by clapping her hands and stomping her feet. She also really enjoys Twinkle Twinkle. She is wearing 2t shirts and 12m pants. Can you say tall and skinny? I don’t think she’ll every be chubby though, she doesn’t ever rest. She is getting her 2 year molars. Yup, you read that right. She is still out of control with the teeth! She thinks it’s SO fun to sit in the front seat of the car now. When it’s in the garage, of course. Although, her dad has been known to back out of the garage in the mornings with her on his lap, which just sends her over the moon. Books are her absolute favorite thing these days. Well, and her dog.

Kyle’s still here, too. Well, kind of. I don’t really see him. He’s studying non-stop for his test in November. He comes home and studies for two hours, then studies for another 1+ when Leah goes to bed. Someday. Someday there will be no tests.

And I bought flowers to plant yesterday. And Duncan destroyed them today.

The end.



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