I don’t know, has it been a year since I’ve written, or is it just me?

Wow. This little gig I’ve got going over here is work. They are cute, they really are, and both pretty funny – but don’t let them fool you – they are work. So much so that last week I had a meltdown and asked Kyle if I could just go sit in a parking lot by myself for a minute. Or an hour. Not to mention he is a month away from taking his six hour test. And I don’t blame him, or want his help; but I’m basically playing single mom of two over here. Here’s to November 1st coming as a saving grace to all of us Proebstings! But for now, it’s like I told him – the last thing I do at night is put Duncan in his crate, and the first thing I do in the morning is get Leah out of her crib. The little time I had to myself before Duncan is now completely consumed by him. I spend my used to be “me time” running laps with him in the backyard at 8 o’clock at night in the freezing cold in hopes that he will calm down at some point and let us all sleep.

And yes, that was all me whining and feeling sorry for myself. But no, I don’t want things to be any different. I don’t want anyone else taking care of the two little monsters I love so much. But an hour in a parking lot in silence. Yes, please.

Now that I’ve whined, let me brag on my kids for a little while. Who do you want first? The mutt. Okay.

Duncan: Oh, I’m proud of him for so many reasons these days. Leah and I finally taught him to go down the steps. He loves to be in the playroom with us, but for the longest time would just whine and holler when it was time to come down. I carried him for a while, but then it dawned on me – in another week or two I won’t be able to carry him. So Leah and I sat at the bottom and cheered and clapped and patted the steps – and sure enough, 15 minutes later he ever so awkwardly got himself down. However, now he flies up and down as he pleases. He is also going to the door consistently. He really has been an awesome potty trainee. He had one weird day last week where he went in the house three times, and all seemingly on purpose. He was in hot water that day. But everyone recovered, and he has been a pro ever since. He is listening about 20% of the time. And yes, I’m bragging on that. We’re coming from 0%, so I’ll take my 20. He is really a gem with Leah. And puts up with so much without getting mad at her. She has started pulling ears, and his tail, and sitting on his head, and getting in his face – and he just takes it. So for that I will always be grateful. He went to the vet last week – and the vet was shocked at his growth. He asked me if we fed him bricks. After I assured him we did not, although he would gladly eat them, we determined he’s getting just the right amount. He had gained 6lbs in three weeks and the vet said he’d gain an additional 10 in another two weeks. So all that really boils down to is we need to get him trained. Stat. He is really great at taking walks with us. They are absolutely mandatory now – as he is a crazy, crazy puppy. We go right out after breakfast, and then we all go again after dinner. On the weekends either Kyle or myself take him alone during lunch. Sometimes the energy coming out of this thing is astonishing. He still chews everything, barks and whines more than I’d like, runs into Leah a thousand times a day – but he’s a good dog. And we’ll keep him a little while longer.

Leah: Duncan may take some work to love, but Leah is still my absolute favorite. She’s is the funniest little thing, and gets funnier every day. She can finally sit still long enough for us to read a whole book to her! That’s a big deal around here. She is getting more words every single day. It’s so weird to just hear one slip out. I don’t think I’ll ever get over it. For the longest time there was one she refused to say – can you guess? Mama. She can say her m’s. She can mooo and say mom, but never directed at me. All last week we would say, “say mama” and she would actually shake her head no! What a brat, right?! But last night on our walk (another reason I love our walks), she just said, “mama” to me, over and over again. And it was the best thing I’ve ever heard. I love all the sounds pouring out of her mouth. She also understands more and more every day. She really gets everything going on around her, and it’s so fun. She is crazy about the darn Itsy Bitsy Spider, she loves to read and be read to, she loves taking care of her baby doll, she loves shopping with me, going on our walks, making sure everyone has socks on, and ordering Duncan around. She is really learning how to play with him and get his attention. She claps or pats for him just like I do, and most of the time at the same time. She has also started clapping for me when she wants my attention! It’s crazy how she puts two and two together. She also likes getting him in trouble. She will drag her blanket or pooh bear or our shoes across the floor right in front of him. When he grabs them and I yell at him, she joins right in. Oh, she’s mean.

Remember the dog? He’s up. Until next time…


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