Oh my gosh, someone help!

In case you’ve been wondering, we’re all still alive. We’re about as close to the edge as they come, but we’re still hanging on by a thread.

Do you know what this week is? More specifically, do you know what happens in two days? Thursday? Kyle takes his beast of a test. This one is really pushing the boundaries of what is acceptable to put a person through. Scratch that, to put a whole family through. I know, believe me I know, that this is harder on him than any one of us. He wakes up at 4:30am to study before work, then he comes home and studies until dinner, then when Leah goes to bed he studies until sometime after I’ve been asleep for a while. It’s just crazy. But you can see how that would also effect the rest of us. We miss our husband/daddy! C’mon, Thursday and we will all say good riddance.

So there – you’ll forgive me for not writing in an eternity. I’ve been a single mom, a chef, a lawn mower, a dog trainer, a dog walker, a dog bather, a personal shopper, a doctor, a bill payer, a maid, a launderer, and a baker all by myself. Blogger was just not in the cards. The only reason I’m writing right now is because I am locked in Kyle’s office with him while he studies. It’s one of the few ways I can find to contribute to this nonsense he’s studying for. I sit here and let him pretend like we’re hanging out and he’s not studying. Except I can’t make any noise. Duncan’s here, too, he’s got a big fat bone to gnaw on so he’ll be good. And Leah is tucked safely in bed. In her skeleton jammies, no less. Happy Halloween. None of us give a freaking hoot about Halloween anymore.

So what are the other ways I’ve been contributing? Well, I’ve been baking. I feel like anyone who studies this much deserves a cookie or 5000. So in the past 10 days I have made six different kinds of cookies. Really, it’s just a fun way to keep Leah occupied. She is so good at dumping the flour everywhere in the bowl. She definitely has learned that when the mixer is running, she is about to get a beater full of something delightful. I’ve become a little obsessed though – it’s almost relaxing to cook with her. There is something so nice about having the measure ingredients, instead of just pouring from a box. And using beaters instead of just a spoon. Anyways, I think we’ll keep up this habit long after Thursday.

So beyond Thursday – are you ready for the Holiday’s?? Cause we are! You’ll remember this day last year our apartment was already decorated for Christmas. Don’t worry – I put my foot down, and that is not happening again this year. However, I know it’s going to be just as hard on me to wait come November as it is on Kyle. We’ve reached a middle ground, and I think we might go with the weekend before Thanksgiving. That’s not too bad, right? We just have this whole new, big house this year. So many more decorations can fit! We have four, FOUR Christmas trees to decorate. And really, we should have thought that through, because that’s four trees that need ornaments, and skirts, and toppers. $$$. Oh well, we spare no expense for these next two months coming up. I’ve got three of them decorated in my mind, and they look pretty darn good. The one I can’t come up with is our tree for the orange dining room. What ornaments go with orange?? Anyone?

I also can’t wait to share all the Christmas magic with Leah. She already loves everything that sparkles and glistens – she’s about to get really excited. One of the trees we have is for her playroom. I found the perfect decorations for it at hobby lobby (with her help), and I can’t wait to decorate with her. I thought last year was fun with a baby in general, this year that baby will have some clue as to what’s going on! Talk about exciting. Although, I’m fairly certain she will eat just as much paper this year as she did last year. And Duncan, too. Geez. I can’t even imagine him around a tree.

So what are those two up to? I’m not really sure. I mean, I am, obviously, but I don’t know where we left off? I think it was potty. That is still going. I’m still barely taking her, and she’s going every once in a while. Probably more if I would get it into gear. But oh well. She brings me a diaper the second hers gets wet – so that’s a really helpful skill to have. She is loving spinning in circles until she falls over. She about gives her dad a heart attack, but I let her have at it. She is currently going crazy at bathtime. She splashes and kicks until there is no more water in the tub. We are both soaked by the times she’s done. Which reminds me, I need to sign us up for more lessons. She is a back-stroker for.sure. And she’ll be a good one with her long fingers and huge feet! She still loves all purses, sparkles, shoes, and now make-up! When did I create such a girl?! I try to get her to watch TV every day and she just won’t do it. I guess that’s ok. Sometimes I would love it, then other times I’m happy she’d rather be outdoors. She loves books more than any toy she has, and I’m not kidding. She plays with or reads books 95% of her day. And that I love. She has an obsession with blankets at the moment. Any blanket she sees she has to carry around, then she’ll lay them down and sit on them. She smiles so big while carrying them, too. I think I’ll put one on her Christmas list. She is in love with her Nun-nun. Dut-dut has transformed. She starts staying Nun-nun as soon as we’re in the subdivision if we’ve been out, as well as the second she wakes up. At this point, I honestly don’t know what she’d do without him.

But I sure do.

I’d do a million things without him! Why did we get a puppy?! Puppies are work. I love the people that see me walking with both of them and make some comment like, “wow, you’re brave.” No, I’m not brave. I’m an idiot. There are a lot of days I have to really think if I even like him or not. Don’t worry, I usually decide I do – but still. He is insane. The eating things is really heating up. I thought it was bad before, it’s incredible how bad it is now. From the second we let him out of the crate in the morning he will find something he’s not supposed to have. And most days I feel like the only word I say to him is NO. I dream often of the days when he will be older and just lay at our feet. And not 5 or 6 older, like 13 older. Like barely moving. That’ll be nice. I’d like to say I’m kidding, but I don’t think I am. Sometimes he looks like he wants to be good, he just can’t help himself. And I do know he’s a puppy. And I do try to pet him and play with him while Leah’s sleeping. It’s when she’s awake and halfway in the fireplace, and I catch him running laps around our house with my shoe in his mouth that I really think he’d fit in well at a farm.
But then Leah grabs his neck and kisses him, or gouges his eyeballs out, or pulls his tail… and he doesn’t flinch. He doesn’t growl. He just takes it. And I have to admit, he’s not all bad.

I think that about sums it up for now. Hopefully after Thursday, I can write a little more. If you’re the praying kind – would you say one for Kyle? This is a six hour test, with no multiple choice. Just write what they want to hear. He’s had to memorize 600 flashcards, amongst many other things.  A prayer that all of this has not been in vain would be wonderful. That the last 700 hours of studying hasn’t been for nothing. And that in January when he checks the website – he will be in the pass column. And we can all forget it – for good.



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