I’m Gonna Write.

Remember that time Kyle took his big test and I declared that when he was finished I would be able to write more? I just read that blog – I published it October 31st. This is the first time I’m sitting down to write since.

Holy crap.

Life is a whirlwind around here. I thought things would slow down, and I thought Kyle studying for a test was my problem – turns out – life is my problem. This little lady I have running around (most of the time without pants), and this 55lb brown, furry animal are my problem. Actually, they aren’t my problem, but they are very much the reason I don’t write anymore. Funny, I wanted to blog about our lives… but our lives keep getting in the way of my blogging!

But, alas. It’s a new year. And I have resolved to write more. Like every day. So if you have missed me – you are in luck. If you get sick of my links crowding your facebook newsfeed – my deepest apologies. Kind of. Writing makes me happy. Telling you about my pantsless little girl and my monster dog remind me that I do like them, and they aren’t all bad. Blogging reminds me that my life is not hard, it’s pretty darn humorous. It keeps my stress level down, and my intellectual level up. And when all I have to talk to all day is a girl with pants on her head and a dog… I need some intellectual time.

So I’m gonna write. I’m gonna write every day. Even if all I have to tell you is that Leah was naked all day and Duncan opened and ate one of my tampons this morning. My comma’s might not be in the right places, I might use the wrong version of their, and I might leave out words or use sentence fragments – but at the end of each blog you should have a general consensus of what I am trying to tell you.

And because I have really missed telling you about the kinds of things Kyle and I talk about – here is a conversation from a while ago (when the whole family was sick).

Earlier in the day I had told Kyle about how Duncan was trying to help me “clean” Leah of the vomit and diarrhea she was covered in. It is now night time, and Leah is helping Kyle feed Duncan his dinner (her favorite thing to do). She ends up throwing a fistful of food in his water bowl (also her favorite thing to do).

Kyle: She just threw his food in his water bowl.

Me: Ugh, clean it out for him.

Kyle: He can just eat it out of there, he will be fine.

Me: Clean it out for him, that’s gross. Poor dog, his water will be salty.

Kyle: He ate diarrhea this morning! I don’t think he cares if his water tastes like dog food.

Me: Silent. (…I mean what more could I say).


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  1. HA! This definitely made me laugh out loud. šŸ™‚

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