Catching Up.

I feel like we should do a little catching up. I mean, it’s been three months since I’ve written a darn thing – and three months around here might as well be three years. I’m gonna make this short and sweet – but at the end of it you will have the background you need so that we can move forward from here on out – sound good? Let’s go.

Kyle: He is a studying fool. Remember that test he had? Well, he finds out the results on January 11th. That’s next week! Care to say a prayer for him? We’re kind of praying for miracles at this point, because he tells me it was impossible. No one that he works with has passed on the first try, so the odds are not looking good. I try to tell him that God has worked bigger miracles, but he says he doesn’t know. Ha. At this point I’m praying that he got an easy and generous grader :). Either way – we would love if he could move on from that test! In the meantime, he has been going into work early to work on some module stuff. Inch by inch, he’s getting closer to being done with all this. He’s working on a fun project with me – sort of marriage building – and it’s been interesting to say the least. But I’m seeing a side of him that I haven’t really seen before – and it’s a wonderful side. It’s taking up a lot of our free time, but it’s fun. And yet another reason I don’t want him to have to go back to studying non-stop. He’s also trying to get back in to working out – he says he needs to get strong for us. I insist he doesn’t. But nevertheless, I bought him new running shoes (and socks) for Christmas and will wish him well as I sit on the couch.

Me: Well. I’m just hanging out – trying to make sure everyone in my family keeps their pants on. And I’m failing. But I have also become quite the shopper; thank you Christmas money! I have this awful problem, that Kyle doesn’t seem to understand. So three years ago, pre Leah, pre pregnancy I bounced between 145 and 150, size 6-8. Then I got pregnant and wore only maternity clothes. Then I had the baby and decided to breastfeed and she sucked the life out of me. I went down to 119, and became a size 2. Or 0. Then she turned a year old and I stopped breastfeeding and slowly the weight has come back. Now I’m bouncing between 130-135, size I don’t even know. So do you see my problem? I have no clothes that fit. I can’t wear the same clothes as pre-Leah because I am no longer 150. I cannot wear maternity clothes because there is no baby in my belly. I cannot wear the clothes from a year ago because I am no longer 119. Until now! I have finally decided to buy things that fit me today! For a while I kept saying, well I should just wait until I’m done making babies. But who knows when that will be, I want a million of the little suckers. So I finally just started shopping for And I have bought 4 pairs of jeans in the last week – and they all fit! Here’s the thing though – two pairs are size 2, one is a 4, and one is a 6. What the heck did you do to me pregnancy?! Buying pants will never be the same – but unlike my daughter – I will continue wearing them. And now I should have a complete collection. I have maternity pants, I have breastfeeding pants, and I have in-between pants. Thank.Heavens.

Duncan: Duncan is currently 5 months and 55lbs. I think we bought the biggest lab that has ever been made. But that’s what we wanted, so I can’t complain. Here’s the good news though, I’m starting to like him. Like, actually enjoy him. He is listening more and more, and I can see (if I look really closely) that he is a good dog. He really does want to please us. He lives for the attention and love of people – the reasons we wanted a lab. He’s got some things to work on, though. He’s a nightmare when people come over – he thinks everyone wants him in their lap. And he can officially drag me down the sidewalk. He is giving it his best effort to dig the worlds largest hole in our backyard. And it is his personal mission to see how quickly he can destroy his toys. His shedding is picking up, I am noticing more and more little brown hairs tucked in the strangest places. Ugh.But he is a saint with Leah, no longer needs to sleep in his crate at night, and is really starting to listen well. And don’t tell him, but he is getting neutered at the end of the month! I’m learning to use him for one of his purposes – cuddling. He’s like a giant stuffed animal, and he’s fun to love on. I think I’m finally glad we got him.

Leah: Ahh, the star of the show. I gave birth to her yesterday, right? Well, she’s gonna be 18 months old in 4 days. She says new words almost every day – and it still baffles me every single time. The other day she was pointing and grunting in the pantry, and after I figured out she wanted a cracker, I said, “say cracker.” And she said cracker! What the heck? It just takes me by surprise sometimes that she’s an actual person. She is still completely girly, and her collection of sparkly shoes is growing at an alarming rate. We have a routine every day now where she actively participates in picking out her outfits! What 18 month old does that?? But she insists. First we go through all the pants options (even though they only stay on 5 minutes), then we go to the closet and the real fun starts. I show her every shirt and she says no to every one of them. Then we go through them again and I give her a choice between a couple and she picks the one she wants. It’s insane – and exhausting. Then if we have to go out we go down to the shoes and she opens the closet and just stares… and then finally settles on a pair. Usually, I just let her wear whatever shoes she wants. I’m really glad we have no where to be in the mornings. God help us when school starts. She still loves to shop, loves to paint nails, and loves a good purse. She is obsessed with candles. She really likes to pick them and then rub the wax on us – what a weirdo. She still won’t eat meat, but she’d eat an entire carton of eggs if I let her. She loves her Duncan dog so, so, so much. She loves to feed him, and give him toys, and read to him. She loves to color! Markers are her favorite – and she is obsessed. I forgot how much fun it was to color though, and I am thoroughly enjoying doing it with her. She has two bottom two year molars – two more top ones and she will be d.o.n.e. with teeth – forever! That’s a good thought.

That should bring us full circle. Kyle is studying. I have pants that fit. Duncan is crazy. And Leah is a talking, coloring fool.

And a conversation to end it –

It started out a normal conversation…

Me: I’m gonna go to Home Depot today to get the weather stripping.

Kyle: Ok. Take Leah. (Completely serious).

Me: (In my head -Uh. Ok?)

From here we started in with the sarcastic banter.

Me: Wait, so I should take her? Cause I was gonna leave her with Duncan.

Kyle: No, you should probably take her, I don’t know if he could take care of her.

Me: Ok – I guess I can. Or maybe I could just have him give her a nap, then I’ll go.

And on and on we went – somedays I don’t know how Leah and I survive all day without him reminding us of things like that 🙂

Note to self – when leaving the house – take the baby.


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