Man, Duncan is in deeeep trouble.

Turns out, while I was gone last night he ate his dad’s XBox headphones… yikes. I’m glad I wasn’t around to hear the yelling. I came home to find him in his crate though, instead of sleeping by my side of the bed as is new routine. I asked Kyle why… and then got an earful about what an awful dog we have.

C’mon, Duncan – you’re better than that! We’re really trying to like you. You’re just making it hard on yourself.

But that’s not why I’m writing.

Do you know that Kyle and I have been together for eight, count’em, eight New Years. That might as well be 10, which might as well be a 60 year marriage. I still feel like we just graduated from college. Where has the time gone? The other day when it was snowing and we were out playing in it as a family – I just couldn’t get thoughts like those out of my head.

Something about snow makes everything seem so magical, right? Ok, maybe not the slushy, salty, dirty kind – but the freshly fallen/freshly falling kind of snow… that’s the good stuff. Everything seems extra pretty and extra happy. Or at least it does to me. Calm, peaceful, twinkly… magical.

So as I was watching/photographing my husband play with our daughter, and our dog was running around in psychotic circles, and the snow was falling – I couldn’t help but feel overwhelmed by it all. How lucky I am to have made this life with him. To do something right to get him to ask me to marry me, and then to be smart enough to say yes. To be blessed with getting to carry and deliver the world’s cutest and most happy baby girl. And even to be able to get the dog we have talked about for the last eight years… even if we never planned on him destroying everything in sight.

We’ve got a pretty magical thing going over here. It’s fun to rack up the years and watch them get better and better with time.

For proof that they are getting better with time… here is the first… Gross.


18 and 19. And the sobriety is questionable…



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