The Little Things.

It’s been kind of an uneventful day around here… no one did anything exceptionally funny, or bad, or ate anything that might have killed them. Makes for an easy day for mom, but leaves me with not a lot to blog about. So I’ve done some reflecting, kind of, and instead of telling you about my kids – I figured I’d give you a list of some of the things that I’m really loving these days. In no particular order:

The St. Peter’s Rec-Plex: Kyle and I have made some good decisions over the years – but one at the top of the list has been paying the money for a year membership to this place. Kyle uses it to work out – Leah and I play in the water. And we’ve only been a handful of times, (thanks to the Holiday’s), but I can tell you that even if we never go back… it has been worth every dime. Leah is a fish. I should probably check her for gills. She gets so excited when she sees the water (or now when I get her swimsuit out), and she runs in as fast as she can with the biggest smile plastered to her face! She goes under a million times and comes up smiling every single time. It’s like she doesn’t know that she just inhaled water. (Again, gills). It’s such a fun place to go to get out of the house… it should make winter a little more bearable this year.

Our basement: Never thought I’d enjoy a basement so much. It started out to be Kyle’s man cave… and it still kind of is… except now it’s kind of like a man corner. We’ve got a kid with a lot of crap. And it’s nice to put a lot of it down there – it’s almost like we get to leave the house when we go down there to play. Complete with a bounce house, life size teddy bear, art easel, and wall that Leah is free to paint… who wouldn’t want to be down there? Not to mention there is lots more room for Duncan to run like a maniac. It is unfinished, however, there is a TV and most of the floor is carpeted. Someday we will finish it – but sometimes I think – then which wall would Leah be able to paint?? It’s also nice not to have to worry about picking it up daily.

J Lo Jeans: Who knew, right? Remember all those jeans I’ve been buying? Well, three of the four pairs were hers. Which is a little odd because we all know the butt she has… and well… mine pales in comparison. But somehow they fit me in all the right places – the first time I’ve found jeans that really, really fit. Thank you, Kohls. And J Lo.

Blue Nail Polish: So Kyle and Leah picked me out some nail polish for Christmas – and it was a bit bold. But somehow, I really like it. It’s a far cry from the nude or light pink I usually go for – but sometimes it’s fun to be bold. I painted them today and every time Leah sees them she says, “oooh” and wants to touch them. Obviously, she approves.

Duncan’s Prong Collar: You might think these are inhumane, but the way he drags me down the sidewalks is also inhumane. I was a little on edge about this thing, but we needed to do something. He needed to go for walks, but I needed to not be dragged. We finally bit the bullet and bought one. The first time we used it was a little rough… he yelped a couple times. Although, I think he was more mad/confused at why he couldn’t pull as hard as he wanted then actually hurt. He even laid down on the sidewalk mid-walk a few times. But we kept working with him – and the collar. And he kept getting better. He got used to the fact that when it’s on if he pulls he’s gonna get poked. And do you know what – yesterday we took a walk and it hung loosely around his neck the entire time! He didn’t even pretend to pull me… not even once. He just pranced beside the stroller like a good dog for the entire walk. I was so proud of him. And it was so enjoyable! Maybe someday he won’t have to wear it – but for now – it’s saving lives.

Painting the Bathroom: We’ve been talking about painting our bathroom since we moved in, it was just one of those things that wasn’t really necessary, so it didn’t need to be done right away. However, I’m ready. Out with the green, in with the light blue. I love a light blue bathroom. So I bought the sample today, it looks great… we begin taping/priming/painting soon! Maybe even tomorrow. We’re also replacing the shower doors with a curtain. I’m not down with shower doors – and I most certainly am not down with cleaning them. Can’t wait to see it all finished!

And finally,

I am loving baby Reagan:


I mean, don’t you just want to eat her up!! She was born this morning to my friend Vicki.

New babies are the best thing in the world, am I right or am I right??

I’m about to throw Leah in the car and go hold her myself!


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