Leah added two more words to her repertoire yesterday.

Grandma and Grandpa 🙂

Man, it makes my heart so happy to hear those. In case you haven’t caught on by now – I don’t live by my parents. About two and a half hours away. So unless it’s the holiday season she doesn’t get to see them all that often. So I’ve put their picture on the fridge. In the last few days, she’s really taken a liking to it. She will take it off and walk around with them babbling her head off as she goes. It’s pretty cute. But yesterday, she brought them with us to fold laundry (if only they could have helped!) -and out of her mouth,with her little finger pointing right at him, rolled Grandpa! It was so crystal clear. She’s kind of shortened it to either Gappa or Nappa today, but she is still talking to him non-stop. And then last night as we were recording her saying it to send to my dad… out of her mouth rolled Grandma! So the first time we heard that one was on video. So sweet. I wish I could figure out how to put videos on here… either way – it was so very sweet. And she might not see them often, but they live on our fridge… in our laundry room… on our bed… and sometimes she even pushes them around in her stroller… and often she tells Duncan about them. And now she has names for their faces.

It looks a little something like this when she talks to them:


Imagine: “Hi Gappa.” And try not to melt.

She is also now saying Hi to people in stores. Via waving. I wondered how long it would take her, we’ve been working on it forever. She used to just give people a stare down… or a bashful smile. But now she gives a friendly wave, it doesn’t matter if people are looking at her or not. Ha. She waves at everyone she sees, anytime she hears the word hi, to her friend Sid on TV, and to her dad every night before she goes to bed. Pretty sweet, this little girl we have.

Are you enjoying the 60 degree weather? Because the Proebsting’s are. We were outside for most of the day yesterday, and that has continued today. It’s so nice to walk Duncan in nice weather, and to let the two of them run around in the yard. We all go nuts when we have to be in all day. I hear it’s going to rain all day tomorrow – so we’re soaking it up where we can. Now that Christmas is over, and we had our couple of fun days in the snow… I’m ready for flip flops.

Speaking of which, have you been shopping lately?? I understand that I am ready to wear flip-flops, but I in no way would buy a pair of flip flops in January. Why is spring stuff out now?! I will never understand the retail business. Are people really buying their kids sundresses and shorts right now?? Their kids must not grow like Leah. I wouldn’t have a clue what size she’ll be in in 5 more months. I don’t get it. But I am enjoying the winter clothes being on clearance. Oh, and I guess I’m enjoying the swimsuits since she needs a few for swimming lessons. But other than that, stop with the summer clothes Kohls. And Target. And everywhere.

That’s about all she wrote for today. I’ll leave you with this:


Leah has worn off on Kyle. I’m officially the only member of this family that wears pants.




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