Mom’s just shouldn’t get sick.

There should be a rule somewhere about that.

Let’s see… Tuesday half of me felt weird. Half my nose was stuffed, one ear hurt, one side of my throat was scratchy. Yesterday, I was a little more stuffy and both ears were clogged. Today, nothing works. Stick a fork in me – I’m done. I’m currently writing to you huffing and puffing as if I just ran a marathon. I can’t even blow my nose – I try until I get dizzy and my ears pop… but nothing comes out. I have less than zero energy. And my eyes are yelling at me to let them close already.

I tried making coffee this morning – when I went to poor a cup I realized all I did was steam water. I huffed and puffed to the fridge to actually get the coffee out, and tried again. Second time was a charm. Usually one cup of coffee will get me to nap time. Today, it got me through about an hour. I have, however, surprised myself on not relying on the TV for Leah. She has only watched one show! Go me! And Duncan, he has helped a lot:


She’s also getting to do lots of things she normally doesn’t, well, because I don’t have the energy to tell her no. And because she has been happily entertaining herself all morning:


I woke up today thinking that if I had a real job I would definitely call in sick. Whatever I have is no.joke. Then it occurred to me… I will never get to call in sick from this gig. Leah will still expect to eat and play and have her nails painted. She doesn’t care that I don’t want to move. Then I felt a little sorry for myself. Then I reminded myself that I love this gig sick or not. Then I made my coffee water. Then I made my coffee. Then I gave myself a pep talk and on we went about our morning.

Lucky for me, she has been a delight today. She is loving getting to empty the ziploc bags. And Duncan’s not so bad either. He’s snoring right now, and a snoring Duncan is a good Duncan. I made it to nap time alive, which was my only goal for the morning. Everyone is still in their jammies – but who do we have to impress? The next goal – to make it til Kyle comes home. Ithinkican, Ithinkican, Ithinkican. And maybe cook dinner. And maybe put real clothes on. Ha, ok that’s not going to happen. But we should all make it til daddy comes home to save the day. These two are patiently waiting:


From last night, when I started to realize I was getting something nasty:

Me: Well, what are you making us for dinner?

Kyle: My specialty.

Me: Oh, ya? What’s that?

Kyle: I don’t know – do we have chicken fries?

Me: Yup.

Kyle: And tots?

Me: Yup.

Kyle: That’s my specialty! Mmmm!

It is most definitely his specialty. I wonder if he could eat it two nights in a row??

Oh! And before I forget! Do you remember that TOMORROW he finds out about his test??? Are you praying like you’ve never prayed before?? Because you should be. And also, Leah now says Tiger.

The End.


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