Do you know that last night I put three Hershey kisses in my mouth at once to try and get a little taste out of just one of them? Is that pathetic or genius? I don’t know, I guess it’s a fine line.

But either way. I can.not.breathe.

However, overall, I’m feeling a little better. I think. I’m ignoring the fact that my throat hurts, and thanking my lucky stars that I can actually blow my nose today. And I have energy – and that makes all the difference in the world.

And Leah has currently been up in her room talking to her Pooh Bear and her monkey for one hour! Go to sleep, little girl! Something obviously has her excited – she also woke up at 6:30 which is early these days! I remember the time when I thought 6:30 was sleeping in. Maybe she’s growing – you know – because she needs to. 100th percentile is just not good enough for her.

But on to what you really want to know about…

We start the studying journey once again. Well, it was going to start again either way – but this time it will be a repeat. Which begs the question – which one of you didn’t say your prayers last night, hmmmm?? We blame you. No, we still believe our God performs miracles, just not this time. Kyle seems okay, just because he’s been saying he failed since he turned in that test. So it’s not really a shock. Just a little disheartening for it to be official. But onward we go. Study, study, study – he’ll be ready for next time. No one in this house thinks he’s dumb. Or could have tried harder. Or done more. Or stayed up later. He’s a freaking genius – pass or fail. The SOA (society of actuaries; graders) just don’t like anyone. SOA, more like SOB. Ok, that was rude. My apologies.

Tonight. We paint. I’ve got the bathroom all taped up and ready to go. I love changing things like that. I can never stick with any decorations or colors very long, so I’m pretty excited.

Are you excited about 67 degrees today. It’s so wonderful. And a little creepy – you can almost feel something bad happening in the atmosphere when it’s 67 in January. But we are going to thoroughly enjoy it today, kind of enjoy it tomorrow when it’s still 50, and then go back to hating it Sunday when it’s 30. What the heck, Missouri.

Now if you’ll excuse me – I have to go narrow down which pictures of my baby I like best and send them to Walgreens – time to switch up the picture frames – another favorite activity of mine.

One more thing, Leah and I stopped by the vet today while we were out and did this:


Sorry, big guy. (And also, I expect you all to wish my mom a happy birthday now that you know when it is).

And also, also – today is my Dad’s birthday!! Happy Birthday to one of the best people around! Love you, dad.


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