Preparing for Surgery.

Well, the big guy goes in for his big surgery tomorrow. Kinda sad, he doesn’t even know what’s coming.

Kyle seems more upset for him than I am – it must be a guy thing. I’m sad for him, because I know he will be in pain, and now that I actually like him I don’t want him to be in pain. But we are going to try to make him a little recovery nest in the living room tonight – so hopefully he can get better fast!

My bigger concern though… is keeping his annoying little sister away from him while he recovers. I’m going to have to watch her every second of the day. His recovery nest will include his crate in the living room though, so if need be I will lock her out. Which means she will probably whine at me most of the day. But at least he will be safe. She just loves being near or, most of the time, on him.

I mean:

She watches TV on him.


She plays with the iPad on him.


She rolls on him.


She looks at movies on him.


She builds blocks on him.


She eats popsicles on him.


And she reads magazines on him.


Where on earth is she going to sit for the rest of the week?! She will be so lost without him.

So anyways, could you include the furry Proebsting in your prayers tonight? He’s a little nervous about his big surgery tomorrow.


And maybe add in a prayer for his little sister. She doesn’t like being more than 2 feet away from him.


(Gosh, how cute are they?! By the way, that toy… Duncan d.e.s.t.r.o.y.e.d. it).


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  1. Elizabeth

    Winston had no idea he had surgery 24 hours after the fact. Duncan will do great and will be back to destroying things in no time.

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