The crazy man survived.

I was so expecting him to come home (Kyle picked him up) all sad and tender… but he came barging in the house like usual. He made the rounds running into us and beating us with his tail. He picked up a glove and ran around with it until we chased him down and got it. Kyle said he jumped on the counter in the vets office as they were leaving.

What kind of dog is this? That doesn’t know he’s been cut open.

But then just as I started to feel not at all sorry for him. His eyes drooped, his energy slowed, his tenderness took over… and I felt bad for my boy. I’ve never seen him so sad looking – it broke my heart. For the longest time he wouldn’t sit down. Well, he’d start to and then pop right back up. Poor boy. That’s when I really felt bad for him.

Leah was really good with him, thank goodness. She doesn’t understand much, but we just told her over and over Duncan has an “ouch” and Duncan wasn’t feeling so good – and I think she picked up a little of that. She didn’t even try to sit on him, much to my relief. However, Kyle was a barrier between the two of them all night. After she went to bed, I think he was happy for the calm. He finally, finally laid down and really seemed to pass out.

Like this:


What a dog.

Before bed though – he had his meal of chicken noodle soup! And he went crazy. Maybe he was starving, or maybe it was just that good, but he inhaled it!


This morning though, no one worry, he is back to normal. Or at least at about 98%. He’s been playing with toys, chasing Leah, pulling his bed out of his crate, sitting with very little hesitation, and the tell tale sign… begging for food…


I thought dealing with Leah on him would be a lot bigger of a deal, but it’s really not so bad. So far she hasn’t tried it even once. I did have to stop her from poking him in the eyes, but that’s a pretty standard occurrence. My biggest fear now is keeping him somewhat calm so that he can heal. The vet said no frisbee, running, long walks for at least a few days. Ha. He’s already chomping at the bit. Leah and I left today just so I could give him some rest time in his cage. They said they gave him an extra dose of stitches because he’s a lab, and labs obviously are a rowdy bunch… but I’m kind of thinking they should have given him an extra, extra dose because he’s Duncan. But alas, I guess I will just have to keep him calm. Ya right. But I will try.

He also came home with a 10 day supply of acne medicine. Really? Really, Duncan? It’s so fun giving him pills twice a day so that his chin will clear of pimples. Let me tell you – just what I want to do with my day. I feel like maybe I should use my face wash on him so this doesn’t happen again.

Anyways, this should conclude the three day series of Duncan has surgery. I hope you like dogs, if not, you’ve probably been rolling your eyes a lot. But we love him, and we’re happy he’s better. Leah for one, is very happy he’s home. And I know most of the time it seems like she likes him more than he likes her – but check this out:


He loves her just as much. It’s hard for them to be away from each other.



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