Do you wanna know what has me so excited that I’m not sleeping at night??

No, I’m not pregnant. Stop thinking that.

Well. Do you know that I’m from New York? Most of you should, but I don’t know who reads this, so some of you very well may not. So yes, I’m from Poplar Bluff, but I’m really from a little bitty town in upstate New York. And do you know who else lives in New York (but a much bigger town)? My grandma.

Let me tell you a little bit about my grandma. She is about four and a half feet tall. Maybe. She lives by herself in the middle of Buffalo. She has never driven a car, never gotten her license. She is 85 (going to be 86 soon) and still walks everywhere she needs to go, every single day. She makes fun of old people that can’t drive. She is feisty. She goes to mass every single day. She had five kids, my dad being one of them. She is sweet, and witty, and simply wonderful. She makes a mean pot of sauce. She continually impresses Kyle (and myself) with her knowledge of what’s going on in the sporting world. She watches what she eats even though she is all of 70lbs. I am envious of the good health she’s in, and can only hope to be in as good of shape in my 80s. I hate myself that I don’t call her as often as I should, because it would be good for my soul to talk to her every single day. She’s just that great.

So here’s what has me excited – we’re going to see her!

The three Proebsting’s are going to Buffalo.

I actually asked for a trip to see her for my birthday, and we tossed around the idea some, but it never really went anywhere. Then, we talked about going for our anniversary just as a fun little get-away. But that never amounted to much either. Then, a few days ago Kyle tells me he has a business trip in Toronto – and I couldn’t look past that. Toronto is not far from Buffalo, about two hours. For any one of the Proebsting’s to be two hours away from Buffalo and not visit Grandma Lucy would be a travesty. So I filled him in on the distance between the two, suggested making a family trip out of it, and the rest is history.

We’re going!

Like I mentioned earlier, she is going to be 86 this year. The last time I visited her was when she turned 80. In between that time, she has flown to all of her children and grandchildren all over the country and taken time to visit everyone, most more than once. Not to mention, she joined us at the beach last year. But I’m so excited that we get to go to her! I know it’s tiring for her (it would be for anyone) to fly as much as she does, so I’m excited to relieve her of that duty.

Here’s the thing. I might have lived longer in Missouri than New York – but I like to say I’m from New York. All my memories – I mean the really, really good ones are in New York. And I can’t wait to show Kyle and Leah where I grew up. I can’t wait to spend time with my grandma, and have Leah get to spend a whole week playing with her. I can’t wait to show them both Niagara Falls, Elmwood Ave, and to take them to the place where we have pizza shipped from every year because it’s just that good.

I want to take my grandma and Kyle to a Buffalo Bisons game (minor league baseball), since they like talking about them. And I really hope the Sabres will still be playing hockey so maybe Kyle and I can watch at a sportsbar somewhere… and he can learn what real hockey heaven is like. I would really love to make the two hour drive to my hometown since I haven’t been back… ever. I’d even like to take Leah to the place where we used to get ice cream all the time. Mmm, Mac’s.

My head is spinning.

I could, well, I am crying thinking about sharing this with them. And sharing them with my grandma. And loving on her for a week. I sometimes think it sucks that we live so far a part – that we don’t get to see each other but every few years. But then I get to feel like this, to be so over the moon excited about going to visit her that I can’t sleep – and that almost makes it seem worth it. I love being reminded of how much I love and miss her by the anticipation of getting to see her again.

Kyle is getting a free flight through work, Leah is getting a free flight because she will be two months shy of her second birthday – we’re never going to get this kind of opportunity again.

What a blessing.


(This also means I have to get myself and Leah to Buffalo… by ourselves… in an airport… on a plane… expect a blog full of questions soon).


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