A New Era.

With the Duncan saga of last week, I feel like I haven’t talked about my other kid in quite a while! And well, in just a week I already have a list of new and amazing things she’s doing. Seriously – they grow up so fast. She blows my mind.

Would you like to know what she did this morning?

She took off her pants. Like always, right? Except for this time after she did it she ran upstairs, got into her pants drawer, pulled out a new pair, sat down, and put them on!!


There was much excitement from her mom on the outside, but on the inside I was dying. How is she this big? How are we already to the “dressing herself” phase. How is she already picking out her clothes AND putting them on?! She is 100% not a baby. That is all history. She’s just a regular kid now. A kid who knows what pants she wants to wear, knows how to stick her feet through the holes, and knows how to pull them up to her chest to ensure the proper fit.

And all I can do is watch.

But look at how cute she is doing it:

 photo(58) photo(59)

Oh, she was so proud of herself.

Then she tried to put pants on Duncan, but that’s another story.

Do you know what else she does now that is the most amazing thing in the world? She is learning her colors! So far, she just knows blue. But she really knows it. She will pick out “the blue one” from a row of colors and she almost always properly names a color if it is blue. If it’s not, she holds it up for me to tell her what it is. She will bring me blue things saying Blue while holding it out for me to see. Sometimes she thinks black and purple are also blue – but hey, those are tricky. Navy often looks like black and plum am I right or am I right? This also means “blue” is now added to the ever growing list of words falling out of her mouth these days.

Want some proof:


Since I can’t figure out the video thing on here – you’ll just have to take my word for it that I asked her to get the blue one from this row.



Let’s see, she also blows bubbles now thanks to swimming lessons! SO fun! The swimming lessons themselves actually suck this time around thanks to a less than enthusiastic teacher – but hey, we have our own fun and she loves her new skill. She is also the laughing stock of the class (in a good way) because she literally throws herself under water over and over and over again. And if I rescue her from her certain death she arches her back trying to get back under. The funniest part is watching her being under water just smiling her silly little head off… all the while not breathing. And yes, I absolutely let her be underwater for a few seconds… obviously I always bring her back up, but she loves being under and I remember how much I loved being under so I get it. However, a kid that is not scared to be under water is most certainly more in danger of drowning than a kid who is scared to be under water which means taking her to a pool or any source of water is an exhausting activity. But man she loves it. Drowning and all.

She is also really picking up with waving at people. It’s so sweet. But I have to go on a rant for a second if you don’t mind:

Do you know how many people she waves at that do not wave back. That just stare at her. Some smile, but still won’t wave. So here’s what I have to say to those sour scumbags (ya, I said it) and you just in case you need a reminder. If you ever see a little toddler waving at you… WAVE BACK. You are teaching them to be friendly, and to communicate. I don’t know how lazy you have to be to not lift a hand and wave at a kid who is clearly excited to see you… but get over yourself and wave. It’s just not nice. Her mother, who is trying to make a social, acceptable, friendly member of society out of her would really appreciate it.

Now that that’s over – do you want to know her favorite food? Leah, the kid that hates meat has taken a serious liking to… Salami!

Ha! She is Italian after all! And just like her mama. It’s by far my favorite. Last week I was eating some in front of her, so of course that meant she needed some, too. She had never had it (to my knowledge) and I knew that with her hatred of meat, Salami was just not going to sit well.

Well, four pieces later… she had a new favorite food.

So funny.

Two weeks ago today she turned 18 months old. I feel like today she is ready for kindergarten. With a salami sandwich in her lunch box.


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