Would you believe that I forgot to write on Wednesday?? It just completely slipped my mind.

I look forward to one thing on Wednesday’s… watching Tuesday night’s parenthood. And this week was the season finale so I was even more excited. It was all I had on my mind. So I sat down to watch it when Leah went to bed – and then totally forgot to ever get out the computer. My apologies. Man, it was a good one though. Do you watch it? You most definitely should. But it won’t be on for a while…

Then yesterday… I just didn’t want to. Sorry. I had a gazillion things on my mind, and writing wasn’t one of them.

I have felt like a pretty good stay at home mom lately, though. Sometimes I feel like a crappy one, like nothing gets accomplished. Then I have days where I make crepes for breakfast, homemade play-doh, we do some painting, Leah watches no TV, Duncan gets a walk, bills get paid, and I make a casserole for dinner and I feel like I’ve done my job. The last few days have been more of that sort. Go me! Let’s see how long it lasts. I bought some berries to make a homemade pie, too. What has gotten into me?! Although I can think of nothing I’d like to do less than to make dinner tonight, so we’ll see what happens there…

Here is our homemade play-doh adventure. It turned out better than the real stuff in my opinion.


She thought it was pretty fun to eat. And then spit out. And then feed to Duncan. He ate it willingly.

Anyways, that’s kind of it again.

My house is a pit. And unlike the Real Housewives, us fake ones actually have to clean. And cook.

See ya.


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