Buffalo on the Brain.

Monday’s… blah.

Even though I don’t have to get up and go to work on Monday’s doesn’t mean they are any less painful.

Back to the same ole’, same ole’ around here.

This Monday is slightly less painful, however, with the 70 degree temperatures. It was so weird waking up to 60! We were outside almost immediately. It reminded me so much of this summer when we would wake up and I would immediately throw Leah outside. The day’s just start so much better with a little fresh air. And it’s so nice to not have to bundle. Man, is it Spring yet? I don’t even care about the mud or the rain – it’s nice just to be outside without freezing!

And to be able to walk Duncan – far. We’ve been on two walks today, and had one serious game of frisbee… he is in Heaven. Well, actually, he’s snoring right now. Which means my plan is working – to exhaust him today so that tomorrow when it storms he will still be tired. That will work, right? I plan on taking another walk and spending the rest of the afternoon outside. Ahhhhh.

Leah has refused all clothes today. And I’m really not helping matters any because I bought her new diapers… and they have Pooh on them… so now all she does is this…


Man, she loves that darn bear. She has 5 of them, you know. And don’t tell her – but she’s having a Pooh bear 2nd birthday party. 2nd Birthday Party?! Ahh! But more on that later.

Do you know what has to come first? Buffalo! Man, I’m excited about this trip. Have I said that yet? This reminds me of this time last year – I was sick of winter -dreading February – waiting for our trip to the beach – starting to think about you know who’s birthday. Now I’m sick of winter, dreading February, waiting for our trip to Buffalo, and started thinking about you know who’s birthday. Deja vu.

I’ve been getting our Buffalo itinerary together – which has changed a gazillion times already. There’s just so much I want to do! I’m sure it will change some more, but I think we’ve got the main stuff narrowed down. I’ve figured out that I’m going to buy a car seat and check it… and pray they don’t lose or break it. If they do, it’ll be bad, but it won’t be like them losing or breaking our really nice one. I’m also gonna have to buy a pack and play and just have it shipped to my grandma’s… man, traveling with kids is a lot of work! Luckily, I’ve found a cheap pack and play and a cheap car seat, so it shouldn’t be too big of a deal.

It’ll all be worth it.

I’ve also started thinking about what kinds of cute, spring, traveling outfits she’ll need – you know, because that’s important. Maybe not important, but it is fun. She’ll need walking shoes, that’s for sure. I’m gonna have to get a little savings account together for this wardrobe. This is our first family of three big trip together. Fun times.

Between now and when we leave we have to figure out the renting a car thing. And the best flying times. And food. And packing. And excursions. Oh my!

So much to do – but so fun to think about.

That’s what I’ll be doing the rest of the day. Don’t bug me.


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