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Hop, Goo, and Dip.

Oh my gosh – 12 hours left in February! We’ve almost made it! I can smell Spring.

I don’t even care that the first few days of March look like they’re gonna suck, weather-wise, March = Spring and all good things.

I’ve got some little things to tell you about, however, as we wrap up this dreadful month.

Hop: So Leah has 0 patience for things she can’t do. She is 100% independent, 100% stubborn, and 100% her mother’s child. So when she is trying to do something and can’t, she goes from 0-frustrated in .0001 seconds. The high pitched squeal is enough to drive anyone crazy. So I got really fed up one day when it was particularly bad. And decided to give her a word to use, instead of a shriek. Genius, I know. I waited for her to get frustrated when she was trying to drive her shopping cart over Duncan’s rubber Kong and couldn’t, and when the shrieking started I quickly, and calmly, said, “Say, Help.” And she said “Hop.” I ran over to her quickly while saying, “ok, mommy will help.” I figured if in the beginning I could drop everything and help her when she asked she would forget about freaking out and learn to calmly ask for help instead. And, it’s working! We are on day four with this fabulous “hop” word and now she is saying it before she gets upset. It might be the best parenting decision I’ve made so far. The first couple days I would rush to her whenever she said “hop,” however, today I was able to say, “hang on, mommy’s coming, mommy will help,” and I finished what I was doing and then went to her. And she waited patiently. Hallelujah. And it’s super cute that she says Hop and not Help.

Goo: Leah is allowed to watch one channel, and one channel only. PBS. PBS is seriously Heaven sent. No Nickelodeon, and no disney. They are filled with far too many dumb, loud, obnoxious shows and commercials for my taste. PBS is a nice, calm little channel. Their shows teach life lessons, positive attitudes, colors and reading. There are no commercials. So on PBS Leah has a new favorite show. It used to be Sid the Science kid. He was super cute little preschool guy that loved science. However, lately she has really taken a liking to Curious George. This makes my heart melt for two reasons 1) Curious George was my favorite growing up. I had all his books and remember renting the movies from the library. I still have some stuffed Georges around here that I have now passed on to Leah. But I also love that she loves Curious George, because she calls him Goo. Ha. I have no idea how “George” turns into “Goo” but I love it. So now when she wants to watch a show and I ask which one she says, “Goo.” And sometimes, randomly throughout the day she just wants to talk about her buddy Goo.

Dip: I caught myself doing a bad thing last week (or the week before). A while back I was eating some Humus and chips. Naturally, Leah wanted some. I let her try it and she made the worst face and spit it all out. Nice. However, she really liked the idea of dipping the chip in it. (What is it with toddlers and dipping?!). Anyways, she kept wanting to dip her chip, and I let her knowing that every time she was just going to spit it out and waste my chips. A week or so of this went on (I eat it every day for lunch), and finally I got sick of her spitting out my humus. So when she asked for it one day I said, “you don’t like humus, honey.” And refused to give her some. And she got really sad. Not mad or whiney, just sad. So it broke my heart and I caved. And what do you know she got a big glob of humus on her chip and ate it. She made no faces, swallowed it all, and dove back in for more. I instantly knew what I had done wrong. Never tell a kid they don’t like something (especially food). Do you know it takes a kid, or anyone, an average of 20 tries to know if they like a food or not? And here I had tried to shut the door on her at about 5 tries. It should have been a clue to me that she was indeed trying it every day, even if she spit it out, there had to be something she liked about it. I felt awful. She just had to get used to it. Sometimes she even eats it without chips or carrots now. I’m going to continue on the Dip train and whip up some guacamole for us soon – we both will probably need 20 tries to like it (I’ve tried and gag), but we’re in it together. And I will never, ever tell her she doesn’t like something again. Food or otherwise.


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It’s Not About Me.

If we’re friends on Facebook, you may know that I ordered Leah’s toddler bedding last week. It’s kind of exciting, kind of sad, and kind of terrifying. I’ve been thinking about the switch for a while, not really because she’s trying to climb out, but just because it seems like the right time. I’ve been looking at bedding for a while, too, and could never make up my mind.

Then one night, when I wasn’t sleeping (because apparently my body hates sleep now), Pooh Bear jumped in my head. That bear is a staple in our house – and Leah’s best stuffed friend. So I had the idea to look for Pooh Bear bedding. It kind of made me cringe a little – I have a slight aversion to “character” decorations and clothes. There is a fine line between cute and tacky when it comes to characters being on clothing and bedding (in my opinion). But at the same time I thought to myself, “what the heck do I care – I’m not sleeping up there.” And I knew that it would make Leah so happy to sleep under her favorite friend every night.

So I started the hunt – and found the perfect set. I got it in the mail yesterday. And Leah, well:


Leah loves it. And I suppose that’s all that matters.

Her room now, if you remember, is a ridiculous shade of pink, mainly on accident. We had to put a lot of coats on to cover up the dark green that was in there before – and the more coats we added, the more pepto bismol it became. So I have talked Kyle into letting us paint it either light purple… or some shade of gray. Either way, the walls need to be scaled way down so that Pooh bear and all his glory can be the focus point of the room. I can’t wait to see it all finished. In a way, re-doing a toddler room is more fun than the nursery because I know the kinds of things she likes, and I can tailor it more towards her. No matter how much I cringe on the inside.


I guess it is a little cute, I wouldn’t have bought it if I completely hated it. And seeing her get so excited made it even better.

Here we go to toddler hood!

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Don’t tell Kyle.

It’s Friday. And I have lots of little things to catch you up on… here goes.

We booked our trip to Buffalo! We’re officially going!


Now all we have to do is figure out the rest of the little details, ie when and how to rent the car, packing for a toddler, excursions, how to get Kyle from Canada to Buffalo. Actually, we may have figured that one out. He was going to rent the car in Canada, but turns out it’s a hassle and more expensive to rent a car in Canada and return it in America… who knew? Soooo – we might have him shipped on a Greyhound! Ha! We both remembered vaguely the news story of the guy that ate (yes ate) someone (or part of someone) on a greyhound bus (do you remember?), but we’re just gonna put that out of our minds and realize that it’s probably not an every day occurrence. I hope. I would hate for Kyle to get eaten on our family vacation. It’s only 18 bucks, much cheaper than the car deal, and seems to be pretty easy. Although now I have to figure out how I’m going to rent a car. At the airport, you say? Welllll, I will have luggage, and a car seat, and a diaper bag, and a Leah… I can’t imagine carrying all of those things while trying to rent a car. Not to mention, trying to install a car seat with Leah running around God knows where… so yes, lots of little details to fill. Luckily, we’ve still got a bit of time.

We bought Duncan a new bag of food last night. And with every new bag of food he gets weighed… 66lbs. The last bag he was 59.5lbs. Geeeez, puppy. He will be seven months old in a week!

Leah now calls me “mom.” Like she’s 15 or something. No mama or mommy, just “mom.” I kind of like it though, it makes me laugh. Sometimes I really think she is 15… until we play a game of peek-a-boo… that brings me back to reality every time. She’s still little. But getting bigger, bigger, bigger, as her cousin Zoey would say. Don’t tell Kyle, buttttttt:


She walked herself down the stairs by herself this morning! She did so good. He would die, but I was proud. I was right in front of her the whole time, obviously. We’ve been working on it for a while. I’ve been holding her hand less and less tightly, and today she pushed me away so I let her try. It took an hour and a half, but she made it! Again, don’t tell Kyle. He’s definitely the worry parent, which I guess someone needs to be. And I told you it would be him. And he is. Leah and I like to live life on the edge sometimes though :).

This weekend we are on the hunt for some very special sparkly shoes! Yay for Ali Jane turning 2! On the 22nd! (Not the 23rd like I told you earlier… horrible aunt). I can’t wait to get up to see all of them. We haven’t seen them since Christmas! Leah is learning their names though, she loves to pick Zoey out of pictures and say, “jaba.” So sweet.

Anyways, that ends my time here. Have a good weekend. We are now halfway through with February… can I get an amen?!


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Love. Yuck.

Man, I have been wiped.out this week. I have been laying in bed during her naps either sleeping or stalking facebook on my phone for the past couple days instead of cleaning, cooking, or blogging.

But, it’s Valentine’s Day. And I have to remind you how much I hate it.

What a dumb day. I mean, seriously. I will say, it is fun with a little one around – but the romantic side of it. C’mon. Maybe because I’m not a romantic type. Or maybe because I don’t want flowers on the one day of the year Kyle is supposed to get them for me. But geeez. My facebook newsfeed is littered with all of your big, pretty bouquets though, don’t worry. And I am definitely judging how in love you are by how big your flowers are. That’s the point, right?

I’m kidding. Kind of. I do think it’s dumb, and I think the heart shaped boxes of chocolates have “cheese ball” written all over them. But if that’s your thing, and you got flowers and chocolate today – I’m very happy for you.

I’m having more fun focusing on the kid side of it. Leah and I baked and frosted some goodies yesterday, we made a Valentine’s Box for her little presents the night before, and today we’ll eat and open our projects :). I was feeling pretty good about celebrating a day I think is dumb… until my sister sent me a picture of her entire house decorated to the max for her kids to find this morning. Man, I wish she lived close. I could ship Leah to her for the day. Next year, I’ll have to try harder I suppose.

In case you’re wondering, Kyle and I will not be going out tonight. Again, if it’s your thing – enjoy. It is not ours. Or at least mine, maybe he secretly wants to, but there’s no way I can let that happen.

Love. Yuck.

Sorry for being so cynical on this very red, pink, and heart shaped day. Here is proof that I tried to make it fun for Leah.


Making her box.


She picked out all the decorations. We got in a little fight in Michael’s because she really wanted an “H” as her letter, and I insisted she needed an “L”…


The finished product.


Her dad beating her on the head with pipe cleaners.


Our cupcakes. I have banned the canned frosting from our house because it’s all chemicals, but this buttercream recipe is to.die.for. Leah agrees. We may or may not have eaten it by the spoonfuls yesterday.


Valentine’s for life.


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We’re better!

And I say “we’re” because guess who got sick over the weekend? Mama. Of course, it was only a matter of time. At one point last week Leah actually stuck her sick, germy little hands in my mouth and grabbed my tongue. (Kids are the best). So I knew it was coming. And it did. I was sick from about 2am Saturday morning til 2am Sunday; 24 hour thing I suppose. It didn’t seem near as bad as Leah’s, but I can’t imagine it would have been anything else. After all, I didn’t go anywhere last week. I was trapped in this house with a little germ ball all week.

But anyways – we’re all recovered!

And that means… weaning!

Weaning from 24/7 TV, weaning from popsicles for breakfast, lunch, and dinner, weaning from taking up permanent residence on my hip, and weaning from getting whatever the heck she wants. It was a fun week, really it was, but we are healthy – and we are back to normal life! The weaning part of sickness is worse than the sickness itself. She’s just used to the TV being on, popsicles on command, and getting the full treatment – as she should be. I will always give all of my kids the full treatment when they’re sick, regardless of how much it sucks to get them back to normal. However, I know I’ve created this mess for myself – the whining, pointing to the TV and saying “on,” and going to the freezer non stop, and I know I’ve got to fix it. I have been strong today. No popsicles, one show, and I’ve retrained her to walk all by herself. Yay!

We even got to get out of the house together, man that was nice! Even if it was just to grocery shop. Last night we were driving home and I made some comment to Kyle about gas being $3.41, and “when did that happen?!” – he looked at me like I was crazy and literally asked if I had not noticed that before… no. I haven’t. I’ve been locked up with your sick kid for the past seven days. I have no need for gas. Thanks.


I will save my rant about this weeks upcoming Valentines Day for tomorrow. For now, I will share some pictures of my healthy, super funny little girl. And her dog.

Duncan was peacefully sleeping; Leah decided he wanted to chew his bone.


So she force fed him.


Can’t you just hear, “mommmmm, make her stopppp!”


She finally tamed the beast.


Funny; he’s 65lbs… she’s 25. She always gets him to do whatever she wants.


Then she covered them both up.


Gosh. We have a good, good dog. He could have easily bitten her face off (and had good reason!), but nope, he just let her pull his mouth apart and shove his bone in it.

Oh, and then she put this hat on and started poking him in the ears. (I stopped that, don’t worry).



“Is it her naptime yet, mom?”

Good boy, Duncan, good boy.

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Day 4.

I made it to nap time. A feat I am most proud of. Nap time may or may not have come 45 minutes early, too.

Starting at 3am, Leah’s sleep deteriorated. I kept waking up to her making sounds every 20 or so minutes. As miserable as I was, I know she was, too. Doesn’t it suck trying to sleep when you’re sick?? Not to mention, she can’t have NyQuil – God’s grace. I kept hoping she would be able to get herself back into a restful sleep, but it never came. And I guess at 5:30 she had had enough. The real crying started… and we were up. I tried rocking her for a little while, but man I was exhausted. So I thought (cause I’m an idiot) I could carry her down to our bed and she would fall back asleep. Not a chance. She cried for quite a while, and never went back to sleep. So basically, we’ve been up since 3am.


We’re on day four of this sickness. And I am spent. Up until now I have enjoyed the cuddliness and the nurturing. As much as I hate seeing her sick and pathetic, it’s kind of nice to just rest and cuddle with her. However, I’ve had my fill. I want my happy, crazy, running, jumping baby back. The one that doesn’t scream and knows how to stand all by herself. You would think her legs are broken today… I cannot put her down. Not for a second. Ok, maybe for a second, but not long enough to do anything else. She screamed while I tried to take a 20 second potty break. I also can’t leave her side, if she’s watching TV she insists that I’m right beside her. Which is fine, I suppose, I know she’s sick and I will do whatever makes her comfortable, but man.

Day four means I’m ready to get the house back together, ready to cook again, ready to disinfect everything – but it’s really hard when I have a baby attached to my hip. I washed four dishes all morning… four. I’d like to take advantage of this nap, but frankly, I’m beat. And I would rather just sit here, or better yet, nap with her! Last night we had frozen pizza for dinner, and I’m afraid tonight might be worse; a fend for yourself night.

This is the hard day. The day when I’m ready to be back to normal, but she still isn’t. Sigh.

If she hasn’t done this today:


Can you hear the whining? I love sending Kyle these pictures to show him how much fun we’re having 🙂

She’s done this:


Don’t worry, I’m still being nice to her. I’m just gritting my teeth and stomping my feet on this inside. I want a well baby already! She has had a bowl of oatmeal and some saltines today – first real food since Monday! Hooray! However, she is not drinking as well as she was yesterday… Two steps forward, one step back. Hopefully tomorrow is better.

And Duncan? Well, he’s still doing this:


He’s ready to have his buddy back.

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Freaking February.

Do you wanna know how we ended up here yesterday:


Well, I’m about to tell you.

Monday afternoon Leah was less than interested in a snack of any sort. She really didn’t eat breakfast, and she had a little “nami” for lunch (salami), but that was it. So I thought she’d be famished when she woke up from her nap. Not so. She didn’t go to the pantry once. At dinner she said she wasn’t hungry either. At that point I knew she was probably getting something.

Freaking February.

I managed to cram two popsicles down her, but from dinner on she was not my normal buggie. She was clingy, and sad, and the tell-tale sign of sickness, she was cuddly!


I figured I’d wake up Tuesday, or perhaps Monday night with a pretty sick kiddo.

I had no idea.

After sleeping til 8 (a personal record for Leah), I went to get her when I heard her start to stir. Usually when I go get her she is standing up jumping and throwing pooh and her blankets out of her crib. She asks for Duncan. She gets excited when she sees him. She tells me to turn her sound maching “opf” (off) and downstairs we go to find breakfast. Not so. She was laying in the fetal position, moaning, and looking oh so pathetic.

I knew it. I knew it was coming. But I still had no idea.

My plan was to see what she would eat or not eat, drink or not drink, and to eventually take her temperature.

We came downstairs and I turned her show on, got her some jello and water, and we cuddled. Mid bite of about the fourth bite of jello… it all came back up. Good think it was lime green, too.

Ok, so she’s pretty sick. And she was pretty hot. But also miserable, so I didn’t want to bug her with a thermometer just yet. After about an hour of cuddling and TV she got up and wanted to go downstairs. Yay, I thought to myself. It’s not so bad, she still wants to play. We got downstairs, and she started crying and wanted me to pick her up. So I did, and we sat in Kyle’s man cave recliner and rocked for so long without any movement from her at all. I had to take a picture to see if she was sleeping or not. This is what I saw:


And the worst part was… she wasn’t sleeping. She was moaning. I saw this picture and cried. But we kept rocking because that seemed to be comforting her. All the while I was thinking, at some point I am going to have to make her mad so I can figure out just how bad this fever is. I was sweating holding her, so I knew it was bad.

When I finally had to do it… 103.9.

Ok, so that’s bad. And she was just sobbing.

To the doctor we went:


Sweet little story… she held that graham cracker for an hour and a half without eating it and without letting me take it away. Poor babe.

So we got to the doctor and got right in… apparently 103.9 means you don’t have to wait. He tested for RSV, the flu, strep, and looked in her ears. Nothing. I was actually praying for an ear infection, that’s an easy fix. But nope. So to have that high of a fever with no obvious explanation meant we had to go to the hospital.

And the day that started out bad got worse. Not that I could do anything about it, they had to do all the poking and prodding they could to find out what was the matter. But Leah was not having it… as you can imagine. We were both in tears a majority of the day. She ended up having to have a catheter to rule out a UTI… and that didn’t work. I could have thrown the very nice nurse through the glass by that point. So for the rest of our time there she had to wear a bag to hopefully catch something they could test for a UTI. Do you know how hard it is to get a dehydrated baby to go to the bathroom? Not easy, my friends. Not to mention she screamed every time she did have to go out of fear or pain… I’m not sure which.

In between the pain though, she was slightly entertained by a few things:


They had PBS, thank you, Jesus.


She thought the remote was a phone, so she made some calls.


She figured out how to change the channels… and call the nurses. A lot.


We both smiled at least once, I have proof. But this might have been it.


We clocked a lot of miles in this little red wagon.


And they had a game. How cute is that gown?? (despite the reason she was wearing it).

Finally, at 5 (we had been there since 11) she went. I felt it first in her diaper and almost threw a fit. “If this darn bag didn’t catch any pee……..” I stomped out to the nurses in tears because Leah screamed through going to the bathroom and I was afraid it was all for not. But the bag caught enough. And an hour later we learned… the test was negative.

So there you have it. She just has a big, long name virus. Basically, the flu, only not because that test was negative. But the same stuff.

We had a day of it.

Freaking February. But don’t worry, I have declared today a mommy, Leah, Duncan, and daddy (when he gets home) day of fun! Whatever she has wanted today… she has gotten. And Duncan, too, because he was locked in his cage all day yesterday. She hasn’t cried or moaned once, and has even jumped. She’s not 100%, but she’s miles from yesterday. She’s even making faces at me:


And playing pee-a-boo. And smiling!


Now, before I go, I have to say a word or two about her dog. Yesterday morning when she woke up, I think he realized before I did how seriously sick she was. He would not:


and I mean would not:


leave her side. He sat by the couch and stared at her the whole time she watched TV. He laid on my feet while I rocked her. And at one point her brought her each and every one of his toys, my sports bra, my sock, and this:


and laid them all on her lap. He was doing everything he knew… and it melted my heart. When I had to lock him up when we left you would have thought I was beating him to death. He cried, and barked, and scratched the crate door, and turned in circles. He was not happy. But when we came home it was quite the reunion. Leah had been asking for him all day, and I think they were both relieved to be back together.

He still has not left her side today. Not for a second. I had to literally pull him out of her room when she went down for a nap.


He wasn’t even begging for food! Just laying there, holding on to her chair making sure everything was okay. However, because it is “mommy, Leah, Duncan, daddy day of fun”… Leah was allowed to feed him and he was allowed to eat it.

No one cries today. That is our only rule.

Stupid, freaking February.

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I Hate February.

Man, I hate February.

If you’ll recall, I believe I wrote the exact same thing last February first. I’m not sure why I hate it so much, nothing particularly bad has ever happened to me in February. I think it’s just the timing. The holiday’s are long gone. Spring is not quite in sight. It’s cold. Valentine’s Day is in the middle… the dumbest day of the year. I am sick of not being able to walk outside without putting a coat on – it’s just a miserable, boring little month.

I guess if there is a silver lining or two, though, it’s that it’s only 28 days long. Don’t get me started on the February’s that are 29 days long. And oh yes, one more silver lining – sweet, baby Ali Jane was born in February 2 years ago! I remember the day like it was yesterday. However, I still have to get through most of February to get to her birthday since it’s the 22nd. Ugh. Stupid month. Word on the street is that Ali is asking for Sparkly Shoes this year… and well… her cousin and I happen to specialize in Sparkly Shoes! Can’t wait to find the perfect pair for her – but don’t tell her!

Anyways, that ends my rant on February. Until next year. For now, know that I’ll be miserable for the next 27 days.

Let me share with you something I realized yesterday. Do you want to know how ridiculous grocery shopping is around here?? Here is the run-down of stores I go to each and every week. And it takes about a week to get to all of them, so basically, my grocery shopping is never complete. I figured this out yesterday as I was lugging Leah to Sam’s in the freezing cold so we wouldn’t have to go to two grocery stores today when it is 8 outside. (Again, stupid February).

  • We go to Sam’s for the paper stuff: Toilet paper, kleenexes, paper towels, and then dish soap, laundry soap, etc. And actually, we just recently got a Sam’s membership – and I’m still a tad overwhelmed by it all. But it’s getting better.
  • Then we go to Aldi for the snack type food and also baking stuff. I’m not gonna pay 4 dollars for tostitos when I can have Clancy’s corn chips for 1.19.
  • Then we go to Schnucks for oatmeal and popsicles. The only kind Leah likes in this whole town.
  • Then we go to Dierbergs for dairy free yogurt and sometimes cheese, and now, Salami.
  • Then we go to Target for shampoo, toothpaste, coffee syrup, meat, and whatever else I may have forgotten.

How ridiculous, am I right? And all the while dragging Leah along with me. Although, she doesn’t seem to mind. But sometimes I mind. I can get through a store in 10 minutes on my own, yet somehow it takes 30 with her. But alas, such is my lot in life. It’s a week long event.

And to wrap up this most random of blogs – I have turned Kyle into a coffee drinker! He’s waking up way too early to study, so he said he needed a pick-me-up. Since I have outlawed his 5 hour energy’s… I have turned him to coffee. He hates it, but somehow he’s still drinking it – it must be getting the job done. However, I am really bad at making it for him! Like a failure of a wife. You see, he wants it cold in the morning, not hot. And since I’m not up at the hour he is – I need to make it the night before. Except for that’s so hard to remember! I’m definitely not used to making coffee at 8pm. I am getting better, however, last night I made it – I just forgot to get it out of the pot and mix it with the cream and sugar. Here is the conversation that followed later:

Note: I had been asleep for a while, Kyle comes in to ask about what to put in the coffee so it’s ready for the morning. (Completely foreign territory for him). I also got all of my information for this conversation from him since I remember none of it…

Kyle: (After 15 seconds of poking)… What should I do with the coffee that’s still in the pot?

Me: (He says I appeared concerned)… Oh, crap!           (I really do feel awful for forgetting it all the time).

Kyle: (He says another 10 seconds have passed without a response) Yes?? Go on?

Me: Put it in a cup.

Kyle says he waited another 15 seconds because it seemed like I might continue that thought with cream or sugar information… but instead I stopped there and fell back asleep. I remember nothing. Poor guy. He said he found some half and half and put it in… and that it tasted like “man coffee” whatever that means.

Happy Weekend!

This weekend our 65lb (65) gets a bath in the tub. Wish us luck.


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