I Hate February.

Man, I hate February.

If you’ll recall, I believe I wrote the exact same thing last February first. I’m not sure why I hate it so much, nothing particularly bad has ever happened to me in February. I think it’s just the timing. The holiday’s are long gone. Spring is not quite in sight. It’s cold. Valentine’s Day is in the middle… the dumbest day of the year. I am sick of not being able to walk outside without putting a coat on – it’s just a miserable, boring little month.

I guess if there is a silver lining or two, though, it’s that it’s only 28 days long. Don’t get me started on the February’s that are 29 days long. And oh yes, one more silver lining – sweet, baby Ali Jane was born in February 2 years ago! I remember the day like it was yesterday. However, I still have to get through most of February to get to her birthday since it’s the 22nd. Ugh. Stupid month. Word on the street is that Ali is asking for Sparkly Shoes this year… and well… her cousin and I happen to specialize in Sparkly Shoes! Can’t wait to find the perfect pair for her – but don’t tell her!

Anyways, that ends my rant on February. Until next year. For now, know that I’ll be miserable for the next 27 days.

Let me share with you something I realized yesterday. Do you want to know how ridiculous grocery shopping is around here?? Here is the run-down of stores I go to each and every week. And it takes about a week to get to all of them, so basically, my grocery shopping is never complete. I figured this out yesterday as I was lugging Leah to Sam’s in the freezing cold so we wouldn’t have to go to two grocery stores today when it is 8 outside. (Again, stupid February).

  • We go to Sam’s for the paper stuff: Toilet paper, kleenexes, paper towels, and then dish soap, laundry soap, etc. And actually, we just recently got a Sam’s membership – and I’m still a tad overwhelmed by it all. But it’s getting better.
  • Then we go to Aldi for the snack type food and also baking stuff. I’m not gonna pay 4 dollars for tostitos when I can have Clancy’s corn chips for 1.19.
  • Then we go to Schnucks for oatmeal and popsicles. The only kind Leah likes in this whole town.
  • Then we go to Dierbergs for dairy free yogurt and sometimes cheese, and now, Salami.
  • Then we go to Target for shampoo, toothpaste, coffee syrup, meat, and whatever else I may have forgotten.

How ridiculous, am I right? And all the while dragging Leah along with me. Although, she doesn’t seem to mind. But sometimes I mind. I can get through a store in 10 minutes on my own, yet somehow it takes 30 with her. But alas, such is my lot in life. It’s a week long event.

And to wrap up this most random of blogs – I have turned Kyle into a coffee drinker! He’s waking up way too early to study, so he said he needed a pick-me-up. Since I have outlawed his 5 hour energy’s… I have turned him to coffee. He hates it, but somehow he’s still drinking it – it must be getting the job done. However, I am really bad at making it for him! Like a failure of a wife. You see, he wants it cold in the morning, not hot. And since I’m not up at the hour he is – I need to make it the night before. Except for that’s so hard to remember! I’m definitely not used to making coffee at 8pm. I am getting better, however, last night I made it – I just forgot to get it out of the pot and mix it with the cream and sugar. Here is the conversation that followed later:

Note: I had been asleep for a while, Kyle comes in to ask about what to put in the coffee so it’s ready for the morning. (Completely foreign territory for him). I also got all of my information for this conversation from him since I remember none of it…

Kyle: (After 15 seconds of poking)… What should I do with the coffee that’s still in the pot?

Me: (He says I appeared concerned)… Oh, crap!           (I really do feel awful for forgetting it all the time).

Kyle: (He says another 10 seconds have passed without a response) Yes?? Go on?

Me: Put it in a cup.

Kyle says he waited another 15 seconds because it seemed like I might continue that thought with cream or sugar information… but instead I stopped there and fell back asleep. I remember nothing. Poor guy. He said he found some half and half and put it in… and that it tasted like “man coffee” whatever that means.

Happy Weekend!

This weekend our 65lb (65) gets a bath in the tub. Wish us luck.



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