Day 4.

I made it to nap time. A feat I am most proud of. Nap time may or may not have come 45 minutes early, too.

Starting at 3am, Leah’s sleep deteriorated. I kept waking up to her making sounds every 20 or so minutes. As miserable as I was, I know she was, too. Doesn’t it suck trying to sleep when you’re sick?? Not to mention, she can’t have NyQuil – God’s grace. I kept hoping she would be able to get herself back into a restful sleep, but it never came. And I guess at 5:30 she had had enough. The real crying started… and we were up. I tried rocking her for a little while, but man I was exhausted. So I thought (cause I’m an idiot) I could carry her down to our bed and she would fall back asleep. Not a chance. She cried for quite a while, and never went back to sleep. So basically, we’ve been up since 3am.


We’re on day four of this sickness. And I am spent. Up until now I have enjoyed the cuddliness and the nurturing. As much as I hate seeing her sick and pathetic, it’s kind of nice to just rest and cuddle with her. However, I’ve had my fill. I want my happy, crazy, running, jumping baby back. The one that doesn’t scream and knows how to stand all by herself. You would think her legs are broken today… I cannot put her down. Not for a second. Ok, maybe for a second, but not long enough to do anything else. She screamed while I tried to take a 20 second potty break. I also can’t leave her side, if she’s watching TV she insists that I’m right beside her. Which is fine, I suppose, I know she’s sick and I will do whatever makes her comfortable, but man.

Day four means I’m ready to get the house back together, ready to cook again, ready to disinfect everything – but it’s really hard when I have a baby attached to my hip. I washed four dishes all morning… four. I’d like to take advantage of this nap, but frankly, I’m beat. And I would rather just sit here, or better yet, nap with her! Last night we had frozen pizza for dinner, and I’m afraid tonight might be worse; a fend for yourself night.

This is the hard day. The day when I’m ready to be back to normal, but she still isn’t. Sigh.

If she hasn’t done this today:


Can you hear the whining? I love sending Kyle these pictures to show him how much fun we’re having 🙂

She’s done this:


Don’t worry, I’m still being nice to her. I’m just gritting my teeth and stomping my feet on this inside. I want a well baby already! She has had a bowl of oatmeal and some saltines today – first real food since Monday! Hooray! However, she is not drinking as well as she was yesterday… Two steps forward, one step back. Hopefully tomorrow is better.

And Duncan? Well, he’s still doing this:


He’s ready to have his buddy back.


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