Love. Yuck.

Man, I have been wiped.out this week. I have been laying in bed during her naps either sleeping or stalking facebook on my phone for the past couple days instead of cleaning, cooking, or blogging.

But, it’s Valentine’s Day. And I have to remind you how much I hate it.

What a dumb day. I mean, seriously. I will say, it is fun with a little one around – but the romantic side of it. C’mon. Maybe because I’m not a romantic type. Or maybe because I don’t want flowers on the one day of the year Kyle is supposed to get them for me. But geeez. My facebook newsfeed is littered with all of your big, pretty bouquets though, don’t worry. And I am definitely judging how in love you are by how big your flowers are. That’s the point, right?

I’m kidding. Kind of. I do think it’s dumb, and I think the heart shaped boxes of chocolates have “cheese ball” written all over them. But if that’s your thing, and you got flowers and chocolate today – I’m very happy for you.

I’m having more fun focusing on the kid side of it. Leah and I baked and frosted some goodies yesterday, we made a Valentine’s Box for her little presents the night before, and today we’ll eat and open our projects :). I was feeling pretty good about celebrating a day I think is dumb… until my sister sent me a picture of her entire house decorated to the max for her kids to find this morning. Man, I wish she lived close. I could ship Leah to her for the day. Next year, I’ll have to try harder I suppose.

In case you’re wondering, Kyle and I will not be going out tonight. Again, if it’s your thing – enjoy. It is not ours. Or at least mine, maybe he secretly wants to, but there’s no way I can let that happen.

Love. Yuck.

Sorry for being so cynical on this very red, pink, and heart shaped day. Here is proof that I tried to make it fun for Leah.


Making her box.


She picked out all the decorations. We got in a little fight in Michael’s because she really wanted an “H” as her letter, and I insisted she needed an “L”…


The finished product.


Her dad beating her on the head with pipe cleaners.


Our cupcakes. I have banned the canned frosting from our house because it’s all chemicals, but this buttercream recipe is to.die.for. Leah agrees. We may or may not have eaten it by the spoonfuls yesterday.


Valentine’s for life.



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  1. Yeah….I’m gonna need that frosting recipe. K thanks. 🙂

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