Don’t tell Kyle.

It’s Friday. And I have lots of little things to catch you up on… here goes.

We booked our trip to Buffalo! We’re officially going!


Now all we have to do is figure out the rest of the little details, ie when and how to rent the car, packing for a toddler, excursions, how to get Kyle from Canada to Buffalo. Actually, we may have figured that one out. He was going to rent the car in Canada, but turns out it’s a hassle and more expensive to rent a car in Canada and return it in America… who knew? Soooo – we might have him shipped on a Greyhound! Ha! We both remembered vaguely the news story of the guy that ate (yes ate) someone (or part of someone) on a greyhound bus (do you remember?), but we’re just gonna put that out of our minds and realize that it’s probably not an every day occurrence. I hope. I would hate for Kyle to get eaten on our family vacation. It’s only 18 bucks, much cheaper than the car deal, and seems to be pretty easy. Although now I have to figure out how I’m going to rent a car. At the airport, you say? Welllll, I will have luggage, and a car seat, and a diaper bag, and a Leah… I can’t imagine carrying all of those things while trying to rent a car. Not to mention, trying to install a car seat with Leah running around God knows where… so yes, lots of little details to fill. Luckily, we’ve still got a bit of time.

We bought Duncan a new bag of food last night. And with every new bag of food he gets weighed… 66lbs. The last bag he was 59.5lbs. Geeeez, puppy. He will be seven months old in a week!

Leah now calls me “mom.” Like she’s 15 or something. No mama or mommy, just “mom.” I kind of like it though, it makes me laugh. Sometimes I really think she is 15… until we play a game of peek-a-boo… that brings me back to reality every time. She’s still little. But getting bigger, bigger, bigger, as her cousin Zoey would say. Don’t tell Kyle, buttttttt:


She walked herself down the stairs by herself this morning! She did so good. He would die, but I was proud. I was right in front of her the whole time, obviously. We’ve been working on it for a while. I’ve been holding her hand less and less tightly, and today she pushed me away so I let her try. It took an hour and a half, but she made it! Again, don’t tell Kyle. He’s definitely the worry parent, which I guess someone needs to be. And I told you it would be him. And he is. Leah and I like to live life on the edge sometimes though :).

This weekend we are on the hunt for some very special sparkly shoes! Yay for Ali Jane turning 2! On the 22nd! (Not the 23rd like I told you earlier… horrible aunt). I can’t wait to get up to see all of them. We haven’t seen them since Christmas! Leah is learning their names though, she loves to pick Zoey out of pictures and say, “jaba.” So sweet.

Anyways, that ends my time here. Have a good weekend. We are now halfway through with February… can I get an amen?!



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