It’s Not About Me.

If we’re friends on Facebook, you may know that I ordered Leah’s toddler bedding last week. It’s kind of exciting, kind of sad, and kind of terrifying. I’ve been thinking about the switch for a while, not really because she’s trying to climb out, but just because it seems like the right time. I’ve been looking at bedding for a while, too, and could never make up my mind.

Then one night, when I wasn’t sleeping (because apparently my body hates sleep now), Pooh Bear jumped in my head. That bear is a staple in our house – and Leah’s best stuffed friend. So I had the idea to look for Pooh Bear bedding. It kind of made me cringe a little – I have a slight aversion to “character” decorations and clothes. There is a fine line between cute and tacky when it comes to characters being on clothing and bedding (in my opinion). But at the same time I thought to myself, “what the heck do I care – I’m not sleeping up there.” And I knew that it would make Leah so happy to sleep under her favorite friend every night.

So I started the hunt – and found the perfect set. I got it in the mail yesterday. And Leah, well:


Leah loves it. And I suppose that’s all that matters.

Her room now, if you remember, is a ridiculous shade of pink, mainly on accident. We had to put a lot of coats on to cover up the dark green that was in there before – and the more coats we added, the more pepto bismol it became. So I have talked Kyle into letting us paint it either light purple… or some shade of gray. Either way, the walls need to be scaled way down so that Pooh bear and all his glory can be the focus point of the room. I can’t wait to see it all finished. In a way, re-doing a toddler room is more fun than the nursery because I know the kinds of things she likes, and I can tailor it more towards her. No matter how much I cringe on the inside.


I guess it is a little cute, I wouldn’t have bought it if I completely hated it. And seeing her get so excited made it even better.

Here we go to toddler hood!


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