Hop, Goo, and Dip.

Oh my gosh – 12 hours left in February! We’ve almost made it! I can smell Spring.

I don’t even care that the first few days of March look like they’re gonna suck, weather-wise, March = Spring and all good things.

I’ve got some little things to tell you about, however, as we wrap up this dreadful month.

Hop: So Leah has 0 patience for things she can’t do. She is 100% independent, 100% stubborn, and 100% her mother’s child. So when she is trying to do something and can’t, she goes from 0-frustrated in .0001 seconds. The high pitched squeal is enough to drive anyone crazy. So I got really fed up one day when it was particularly bad. And decided to give her a word to use, instead of a shriek. Genius, I know. I waited for her to get frustrated when she was trying to drive her shopping cart over Duncan’s rubber Kong and couldn’t, and when the shrieking started I quickly, and calmly, said, “Say, Help.” And she said “Hop.” I ran over to her quickly while saying, “ok, mommy will help.” I figured if in the beginning I could drop everything and help her when she asked she would forget about freaking out and learn to calmly ask for help instead. And, it’s working! We are on day four with this fabulous “hop” word and now she is saying it before she gets upset. It might be the best parenting decision I’ve made so far. The first couple days I would rush to her whenever she said “hop,” however, today I was able to say, “hang on, mommy’s coming, mommy will help,” and I finished what I was doing and then went to her. And she waited patiently. Hallelujah. And it’s super cute that she says Hop and not Help.

Goo: Leah is allowed to watch one channel, and one channel only. PBS. PBS is seriously Heaven sent. No Nickelodeon, and no disney. They are filled with far too many dumb, loud, obnoxious shows and commercials for my taste. PBS is a nice, calm little channel. Their shows teach life lessons, positive attitudes, colors and reading. There are no commercials. So on PBS Leah has a new favorite show. It used to be Sid the Science kid. He was super cute little preschool guy that loved science. However, lately she has really taken a liking to Curious George. This makes my heart melt for two reasons 1) Curious George was my favorite growing up. I had all his books and remember renting the movies from the library. I still have some stuffed Georges around here that I have now passed on to Leah. But I also love that she loves Curious George, because she calls him Goo. Ha. I have no idea how “George” turns into “Goo” but I love it. So now when she wants to watch a show and I ask which one she says, “Goo.” And sometimes, randomly throughout the day she just wants to talk about her buddy Goo.

Dip: I caught myself doing a bad thing last week (or the week before). A while back I was eating some Humus and chips. Naturally, Leah wanted some. I let her try it and she made the worst face and spit it all out. Nice. However, she really liked the idea of dipping the chip in it. (What is it with toddlers and dipping?!). Anyways, she kept wanting to dip her chip, and I let her knowing that every time she was just going to spit it out and waste my chips. A week or so of this went on (I eat it every day for lunch), and finally I got sick of her spitting out my humus. So when she asked for it one day I said, “you don’t like humus, honey.” And refused to give her some. And she got really sad. Not mad or whiney, just sad. So it broke my heart and I caved. And what do you know she got a big glob of humus on her chip and ate it. She made no faces, swallowed it all, and dove back in for more. I instantly knew what I had done wrong. Never tell a kid they don’t like something (especially food). Do you know it takes a kid, or anyone, an average of 20 tries to know if they like a food or not? And here I had tried to shut the door on her at about 5 tries. It should have been a clue to me that she was indeed trying it every day, even if she spit it out, there had to be something she liked about it. I felt awful. She just had to get used to it. Sometimes she even eats it without chips or carrots now. I’m going to continue on the Dip train and whip up some guacamole for us soon – we both will probably need 20 tries to like it (I’ve tried and gag), but we’re in it together. And I will never, ever tell her she doesn’t like something again. Food or otherwise.



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