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Welcome to the Game.

In the past three days I have thrown up, went to the store just to get a Cadburry Cream Egg, had an unexplainable emotional meltdown, and broke out the maternity jeans. So with that:


  • Goodbye sleep.
  • Goodbye buttons and zippers.
  • Goodbye hunger control, weight control, and bladder control.
  • Goodbye emotional stability.
  • Goodbye energy.
  • Goodbye cold lunch meat, caffeine, and hair dye.
  • Goodbye walking with ease, talking with ease, and breathing comfortably in general.
  • Goodbye ibuprofen and NyQuil.
  • Goodbye memory.
  • Goodbye body for one and appetite for one.
  • Goodbye internal thermostat.


  • Hello nausea.
  • Hello exhaustion.
  • Hello snoogle.
  • Hello elastic pants.
  • Hello bigger feet, bigger boobs, bigger me.
  • Hello heartburn.
  • Hello bleeding gums.
  • Hello food.
  • Hello horse sized prenatal vitamins and unisom.
  • Hello unexplainable tears.
  • Hello crazy dreams.

Welcome to the game, Baby #2.

Grow well.

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Meet Nate. Or Quinn.

I really haven’t talked about the little guy (or girl) since I filled you in on the news. At least not like I blogged about Leah for so many months. But it’s time that changed. I was a second child, and I am bound and determined to give this baby every shred of dedication that Leah had. And I swore to myself long ago that I would always love my second baby more than my first.

Ok, so maybe I’m setting myself up to fail on those two things. Turns out, it’s hard to devote all time and energy to a second baby when you already have a death defying, climbing, running, grape eating maniac between your feet all day. But alas, here is a blog all about Nate. Or Quinn.

I am eight and a half weeks pregnant right now. This lovely little bean is due November 2; however, we will have a c-section thanks to a less than fun first attempt at childbirth, so the birthday will probably be between Oct 31 and November 4th. Kyle’s birthday is the 5th. That’ll be a fun week. Go on, judge me for a scheduled c-section I don’t care. It’s best for mama and baby and that trumps what you think.

Moving right along.

An 8 week old Nate or Quinn is the size of a Raspberry right now. When I found out I was pregnant he was the size of a Poppy Seed – growing, growing, growing. Tiny little webbed fingers and toes are growing this week. He has an upper lip (awww, I remember when Leah got her upper lip!), eyelids, and the tip of a cute little button nose. His tongue has started to grow. His heart is beating fast and strong. His tail is gone. The nerve cells in his brain are connecting rapidly. His little nub wrists are bent and resting right above his heart… so naturally, we imagine him to look like a T-Rex at this point.

Oh, I love him, or her. I was a little worried when we started the baby making process how I would love another one equally (or in this case more) than I love Leah, but it turns out it’s possible. Already. I love that little girl we have. Like, a lot. She’s gonna be pretty hard to beat. But the second I watched a second line appear on the pregnancy test I was drenched in love all over again. A new love. Special just for this baby. I guess my heart just expanded when it needed, too. Pretty fun. And the best part is… I don’t love Leah any less. You can imagine though, how hard my heart must be working to carry all of this love around. It must be a pretty strong one.

The gender. Ok, so we don’t know. However, I say boy. I knowwwwww, I said boy once before and was very wrong. But I’m saying boy again. And so what if I’m wrong. For some reason, it’s easier for my brain to think boy and my fingers to type “his, him, or he” rather than “she or her.” Kyle says girl… just because I say boy. It’s gonna be a lot of fun to actually know in June. Here’s the thing about the sex, though. Everyone thinks we should want a boy because we have a girl. But we don’t. At least I don’t, and I’m pretty sure Kyle said the same thing. Again, I think Leah’s pretty great. And if we had another sweet, crazy little girl running around I would be over the moon. She makes it easy to want a duplicate. But if we got to try our hand a raising a strapping young man… well, bring it on. I had a dream we found out at the ultrasound that it was a girl and we both screamed QUINNNNNNN. Ha. We were pretty stinking excited. For what it’s worth, though, when I was pregnant with Leah I dreamed I had a boy. Sooooo.

Symptoms. My symptoms this time around are so weird! They were pretty textbook with Leah. Puking and tired. This time, I haven’t thrown up, but I am nauseous a lot of each day. I say that because it’s never at the same time every day. For a while I thought we had a pattern of mornings… then I started waking up (and staying up) all night sick. Then sometimes, yesterday, I was sick all afternoon. With Leah it was constant, so I guess I’m enjoying the breaks. But it is very annoying to not know when it’s going to hit. I’m freaking starving, as I’ve mentioned. I seriously cannot cram enough food into my mouth. I’m really like red meat, and avoiding chicken. (That seems like a man thing to me). Anything sweet I will devour. Pasta is pretty heavy on the cravings list; well, anything carbs. Yaaay. The thought of fruit, and even the carrots I loved so much for a week make me gag. My skin is crazy dry. I don’t sleep. I am exhausted. This one actually took a while to hit, I thought I was doing good until a week or so ago… and I really haven’t gotten off the couch since. Leah loves it, we snuggle and watch TV and eat snacks and rot our brains almost all day. It’s a good time. I clean a room at a time in the house and then collapse. And really, cleaning one room does nothing so it always looks messy. But I promise, Kyle, I do try. I’ve still been making dinner for Kyle every night (whether or not I eat it) so for that I feel I deserve some sort of recognition. My dreams are out of control. They were pretty vivid with Leah, too, but they are just insane now. It’s kinda fun to go to sleep. Except the time I woke up because I was in a North Korean prison camp. But last night I dreamed I felt the baby kick at 9 weeks. That’s only a few days away! That would be fun. I’m out of breath almost all the time, just like with Leah. I have heartburn, but less than with Leah. And I’m already obsessed with cereal.

A lot of times I feel like I picked up where I left off.

In some ways reality hasn’t set in, but then sometimes it seems very real. I’m excited though, for lots of things. And terrified of lots of things. But those are blogs to come.

For now, I’m going to go eat my favorite snack… Dark cherry yogurt, but instead of eating it with a spoon I eat it with a strip of dark chocolate. Seriously. Yum. And I really need to start puking at some point to balance all of this eating out.



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Snow Day.


I’d like to have a word or two with the groundhog. There is not supposed to be snow on the ground a week before my birthday. It is spring. There should be green grass, flowers, and buds on trees. Now I can’t even see the grass.


And that’s a big however – I must say I actually enjoyed our little snow day yesterday. It was fun that it was a Sunday, so Kyle didn’t have to stress about going to work or not. Leah was in a good mood all day. I wasn’t that sick. Kyle got done with his studying a little early so we got to watch some DVR’d shows while Leah napped.

Do you know how long it’s been since we’ve sat down and watched TV together without one of us falling asleep? A long time.

And although the snow is most inconvenient, I must say, it is really pretty. We got the big, juicy flakes that stick to everything. So all the trees are covered. Pretty picturesque. However, if I was up tomorrow and it was gone and 105 outside… I wouldn’t be sad.

Kyle and I had a couple mishaps with our kids though. After all, we were together all day long, something was bound to go wrong. First, I slammed Duncan’s back leg in the door. So sorry, buddy! I thought he was all the way inside; he was not. He forgave me, though. He is a serious lover of snow. He was outside so much yesterday, and again today. He loves running through it and sticking his nose in it. And of course, eating it.

Then our second mishap was when Kyle, while swinging his shovel behind him, hit Leah right between the eyes. That was a sad one. I was watching the two of them from the garage, and I saw it about to happen. But it was so fast, about the time I thought to yell WAIT… BAM got her. She was just trying to help her dad shovel! But she recovered as well, didn’t even want to go inside to wash it off. Meanwhile, we are thanking Jesus it hit in between her eyes and not in her eye. That could have been bad.

Geeeeez. Stellar parents, wouldn’t you say? And to think, we’re welcoming another kid into this mess!

But the pain from a smashed leg and a shovel to the face didn’t last long. And everybody was happy again in no time.

I made magical use of the bread, eggs, and milk I got from the store the day before (because that’s what you do in Missouri) and made French Toast for dinner. Yum. There is nothing better than breakfast for dinner… especially on a snow day. Leah was a big fan, and I realized it was the first time she’d had it. We’ll be doing that again.

I don’t know. It was just a fun day. Even though I am so sick of snow. And cold! I’ve got my sights on this weekend when they are saying it will be 60 and above. That’s more my style. In the meantime, I’ve got a Baby #2 update for you tomorrow, and Louie and Lucille update for you Wednesday. I really need to be getting ready for Easter with the cousins AND for Buffalo, so we’ll see if I get much more than that in.

This was our day today, though:

Stacking is the name of the game.


Duncan supervising.


Then she took all the spices for a ride.


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Leah Lately.

Even with a new baby around here, I can’t forget about the old one. She is so far from a baby it’s not even funny anymore. I realize she hasn’t gotten a good, detailed update on the big bug. So here we go.

She sleeps in a toddler bed. And she does so good in her new bed! I was a little terrified she would get in and out a million times since she is not one to sit still if she doesn’t have to. However, with the exception of one nap where she tried to sneak a book back into her bed… she has been terrific. She still waits for me to get her out of it when she wakes up even though she climbs in and out a million times when she’s playing in her room. I don’t get it, but I don’t ask questions. She’s just a big girl I guess.

She loves to play with balls. Anything from a golf ball to a beach ball can entertain her for hours. She really loves to kick them, soccer here we come. She is really starting to like throwing and catching, and is actually quite good at it. Let’s pray she gets her dad’s hand/eye coordination.

She still loves books.

She loves stacking! She will stack anything, too. She stacks toilet paper, my spice jars, her blocks, her cups, and really anything that is at all stackable. She’s actually really good at this, too. She has really steady hands for a little one. I’m pretty impressed. Of course.

She is obsessed with being outdoors, which I love. It kinda sucks that March is not cooperating with us, however. We are ready for Spring already! She would be outside all day every day if I let her. And once the weather does warm up, I can promise you we will be outside more than inside. Give her a ball and the great outdoors and she is one happy kid.

She has started being mean to Duncan. Like on purpose! I don’t know why, but it’s not okay. She thinks it’s funny, which is also not okay. She likes to hit him with things and ram her stroller into him. Not good. She had to go to time-out last week because she rammed her stroller into him and I got really stern with her telling her it was not okay – then she did it again! So I took it away. Then she got really mad at me, but hit him! I guess cause he was right there. Either way, I was shocked. And she was in trouble.

She is doing really well with her sick, pregnant mom. After all, what’s there not to like, she watches a lot of George.

She loves to make people laugh. And if you laugh at something she does… she will do it forever.

She is crazy about Winnie the Pooh… and all his friends. Her three favorites are Pooh, Tigger, and Piglet. Or Pooh, Tuck, and Baba as she likes to call them. If you ask her if she likes Rabbit, she will straight up say no. Haha. Does anyone like Rabbit? I cannot wait to throw her Winnie the Pooh Second birthday party!

She is an expert jumper. She jumps everywhere, and is really, really good. The girl can get some air. Thank you, bounce house for hours of practice.

She loves eggs, yogurt, grapes, anything sweet, saltines, peanut butter bread, toast, oatmeal, salami, peas, bananas, pineapple, berries (all of them). Still won’t even entertain the idea of meat. Whatever.

She only drinks water, and loves it.

She loves walking or running, and will no longer sit in her stroller. Ever.

She is nuts about animals. She really likes elephants and horses.

She loves balloons and sunglasses.

She loves to take stickers off of one thing and put them on another. It keeps her busy for hours, I’m okay with it.

Ok, I think that’s the big stuff. She’s a funny little creature.

I came out of the bathroom one day and found this:


Sleeping surrounded by her best friends.


And this was here exactly a year ago. Sigh.


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The Man Van.

Don’t knock a minivan, my friends.

We went there. And we won’t look back.

We started thinking about a van about the time we said, hey we should make another baby. It just seemed to make sense. Sure, two babies would fit in my Jeep, but not exactly comfortably. And then, where would Duncan sit?! So we started talking vans. Cause really, an SUV is a slightly bigger car – that’s about it.

So on a random trip through a car lot with really the only purpose being to keep Leah napping in the back seat – we saw it. A pretty red Dodge Caravan. Here’s the thing about a Dodge Caravan – I swore to Kyle I would never get one. When he said he liked them I made an awful face and told him they looked cheap. I wanted a Toyota Sienna or a Honda Odyssey. You know, the vans. But we had looked at a couple Honda’s and I learned that I only like them from afar. Everytime I got close something about them made me go “ew.” Now, if you have one, you must know that I still admire them from afar… I just can’t imagine sitting in one. It’s kinda like an outfit you love on the manikin, then you put it on… And the Toyota’s were fine, but there was nothing special enough to make them so much more expensive.

Since we had a sleeping Leah in the back seat, we couldn’t do much looking, but we saw enough to know we wanted to test drive it. And I pretty much knew I wanted it. And not because Kyle liked it… because I actually liked it. But that’s how it works in my life, everything I’ve said I’d never do… I’ve done. We entertained a few more car lots throughout the week, but nothing came close. This was a 2012 for a great price, and something about the red really suckered me in. Even other Caravans didn’t come close. So the following weekend we went to test drive it.

And then we bought it.


Kyle did some fantastic haggling (thank you, Dave Ramsey) – and I just sat in silence, sweating and awkwardly smiling, watching the two of them go back and forth. Praying that I would drive it home.

And I did!


I love my van you guys. It’s got the button operated doors. There’s a middle isle fit for changing diapers and throwing toys and blankets. There are at least 1 million compartments for Kleenexes, snacks, diapers, and band aids – everything you must stock a minivan with. Duncan jumps in and out with complete ease… something he never got used to with the jeep. Leah loves looking out her giant window. The trunk is 10 feet deep and I think could fit everything we own. It drives smooth and gets better gas mileage than my jeep. I don’t have to worry about hitting other cars with my door as I fight to get Leah out of her seat. Duncan has entire back row to himself. All good things.

So I guess I’m officially old. Or a mom. Because not only do I drive a minivan… I love my minivan.

The best part is Kyle likes it. Aww, I guess he’s old, too. He’s always said that the Dodge’s are the most manly of the minivan’s, whatever that means. But what’s even funnier is that I read an article about them before we bought it saying how it was packed with testosterone. What does that even mean?! Maybe it really is tailored to the dad’s that will undoubtedly share in the driving duties. So naturally, we call it the man van. My mom made me smile a lot when she said, “can you just picture Kyle driving a van full of giggling little girls to soccer practice??” Aww – yes I can.

So anyways – I think I’m out of secrets now.

This is what we look like driving. I deleted all my pictures of the outside, so if you want to see it google a red 2012 dodge grand caravan. That’s it. Duncan used to ride in the back seat, but he’s learned that Leah eats snacks while we drive, so now… well… you can see where he’s ended up.


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Ok – so we all know I’m pregnant.

Except we don’t. Kyle knows. My sister knows. My friends Elizabeth and Vicki know. And Duncan and Leah know. This is my third full day of being “officially pregnant,” so obviously – there’s not a lot of sharing going on. It’s February 19.

I’m not one to wait forever, but I would like to make it through the week without telling our parents. Kyle actually wanted to wait longer, but I told him I wouldn’t make it past the weekend without telling my parents, so he said he’d do the same. But here’s what I’m going to do for the rest of you… and me. I’m gonna keep a journal. I know how much you love my puke stories, and I don’t plan on telling you until my birthday (10 weeks), so you’ll be missing out on some good stuff… I’m assuming.

So here’s where we sit:

It’s February 19 – I don’t have a lot of symptoms. I didn’t get the big ones til 6 weeks with Leah, so I’m expecting the same time frame. Since I know what is probably coming my way, I making sure to eat healthy while I still can eat, and try to stay on top of cleaning and laundry before the days when I can’t get off the couch. Yikes – how do you do that with a toddler?! Emotionally, I’m already nervous. I try not to think about the bad stuff, but it’s still so early, it’s hard not to worry about everything. I did it with Leah, too. I just love my kids so much, I want them to be okay in there! I think it’s a boy. I know, I know, I thought Leah was a boy… but I have different, rather embarrassing reasons for this one. I’ll fill you in of why I think that if I am indeed correct. If not, I’ll save my self the embarrassment. Kyle rolls his eyes when I tell him it’s a boy. Ha. He says he’s calling it a girl til he learns otherwise. Today I’m crampy, and have heartburn. I also feel like I’m breathing for a whole litter of children. All three things were first signs with Leah as well. I’m craving fruit… and pie. I am starving this time around! I don’t remember being constantly hungry with Leah. I had days, sure, but not 24/7 like this. I am on my same mission to gain under 30lbs, so I’ve got to keep myself in check. With Leah I gained 29, so I know I can do it. If I must eat all day, it’s going to be healthy things… at least until I can only eat saltines.

We have named this little baby… Nathan Henry (Nate the Great), or Quinn Charlotte (Chuck -Charlotte=Charlie=chuck). Yes, I will absolutely call my baby girl chuck.

2/25/12 – Well, it’s been a week – and I’m still pregnant! Yay! Man, early pregnancy is hard. Things seem to move at a snails pace, and I sit and worry about everything. I just want the little guy, or girl, to be okay in there and to be growing like he should! Leah and Duncan help distract me, thank goodness. Last week was filled with sharing our news with family. How fun. The name of the game was non-chalant. We just slipped it into normal conversations and dinner time prayers and see if anyone could catch on – they all did. So fun. I made my doctors appointment today, and I’ll go next week. Can’t wait – here we go with getting personal with my doctor all over again. This time, I’ll be toting Leah along, should be a good time. The baby is the size of a sesame seed now, we’re moving up in the seed world. I just finished a plate of carrots – I don’t even like carrots, but I am freaking.starving. and I want to try and eat healthy if I must eat constantly. I must say, those were the best carrots I’ve ever had. And I’m already starving again. Sometimes (a lot of times) I think it’s twins. I mean, how am I this hungry so early?! I still get cramps, and heartburn sometimes, but not as much as last week. I’ve had waves of nausea, but nothing too bad yet. I’m already waking up to pee once a night, what the heck. I’m trying to figured out when to tell facebook and the blog the big news – I did it early with Leah, and while I’d like to wait this time – I don’t think I can. We shall see.

2-26-13: Can’t.stop.eating. I’m now looking forward to my carrots. That’s how bad it’s gotten. I think I’m pregnant with octuplets. My sleep is deteriorating. I’m happy though, because I’m pregnant again. And that is a blessing. I’m having a hard time blogging because I just want to tell you all so bad! Everything else just seems less important. We’re also buying a van this weekend – I’d love to tell you that, too, but I think it will give it away.

3-1-13: The little guy’s heart started to beat this week. Yay! I hope it’s beating away, and can’t wait to hear it!! The beginnings of his brain, ears, and spinal cord have also started their development. He is the size of a grain of rice – so big. Hopefully this time tomorrow we will be the proud owners of a new Minivan! Holla. My big debate these days is when to tell you all… Do I wait? Do I tell you after the doctor? I guess we shall see. I took the last of my pregnancy tests today (I had a stockpile). Don’t worry, I’m still pregnant. It took 0 seconds to show up and was super dark. I suppose I’m getting more pregnant by the day. My sleep sucks, my hunger has subsided… a little, I can’t remember anything, and I’m very snappy with Kyle. I feel on the verge of tears a lot, but so far no actual crying. Oh, and I’m still waking up every night to pee. Fun times ahead!

3-5-13: 20 months ago today I was sitting in the doctor’s office and she told me to go home,  get my crap, and get back to the hospital to have my baby. Fast forward 20 months and that baby I eventually had and I were both sitting in the same doctor’s office listening to her tell us all about the new baby in my belly. Fun times. I had my first official doctor’s appointment today… she told me I was pregnant. Yes! The first appointment is always pointless, but fun to be there nevertheless. Kind of makes the whole thing official. We scheduled the ultrasound for next Tuesday, and if there is a perfect little beating heart I think we will tell the facebook masses then. We also bought a van over the weekend! So I’ll have to tell you that, too. Man, I have so many secrets. I freaking love my minivan though… as does Leah…and Duncan. You just can’t argue the efficiency. I definitely feel old driving it, however.

3-6-13: Today was kind of the first day I had some “I don’t know if I can swallow this” thoughts… where I chew and chew and chew… and then somehow gag it down. I’m not really sick yet, just kind of queezy sometimes. I wonder if I’ll get sick? I’m sure I will. But, hey, maybe not!

3-11-13: Well, we’ve made it another week! 7 weeks according to my calculations, but I’m counting on the ultrasound tomorrow to give us a better idea. If I am indeed 7 weeks, the little guy in my belly is as big as a blueberry. His hands and feet are forming. His heart is beating strong and steady. He has a tail. He is see through. The beginnings of a nose, eyes, mouth, and even teeth are there… Not more TEETH! As far as me… I’m tired. I have no memory. I detest making chicken for dinner. The extreme hunger has subsided some… and been replaced… with sickness and aversions. Blah. It’s funny though, this time around I seem to have true morning sickness. I’m sick from about 4am-11am every day, then it just kind of goes away. (With maybe a couple random episodes the rest of the day). I keep wondering if it will get worse, or if I will start throwing up, but so far it’s manageable. Some mornings are better than others. My face is breaking out… that didn’t happen with Leah. Cough…it’s a boy…cough. Ha, I definitely think it is. Things are just so different already! It’s crazy. I keep trying to compare to Leah, but there’s just nothing there to compare. Even the sickness is different. Kyle still says girl. We shall see… in June. Tomorrow is the ultrasound. I’m excited, but also nervous. I just want there to be a perfect heartbeat and a perfectly shaped bean so badly! I worried constantly in the beginning with Leah, and I thought I’d be better the second time around… I’m not. I just want healthy babies! If all does go well, though, and we see a perfect little beating heart – I will fill you in on all of our secrets afterwards.

3-12-13: Today was the big day. Meet the baby day. How fun! And meet him (or her) we did. A tiny little grain of rice with a crazy strong heartbeat has officially taken up residence in my belly. Yay! It’s still so early, and I will worry until I hold him in my arms… but thank you, Jesus for a strong baby. Leah went with us – she had to meet her new sibling! And, well, she could have cared less. She had no idea what was going on, but it’s ok. I’m just happy she was there. How fun this journey will be. We are officially 6 weeks and 3 days, so forget that stuff I said about being 7 weeks… and repeat it next week. I never know what I am until they tell me. The baby is ½ of a centimeter! How does a heart even fit in that little space?! What a Creator we have. I plan on telling the world tomorrow. Some wait – I can’t do it. I’m happy now. I want to tell you now. I am not sitting around looking for something bad to happen. I am jumping up and down knowing something crazy is going on inside me – and I have to tell you – now. But feel free to pray for a continually healthy and strong baby Nate or Quinn Proebsting. Here are a couple fun facts I learned tonight– they were able to do an abdominal ultrasound (thank God) and see everything they needed to. That’s really hard to do at 6 weeks I guess. And a normal 6 week old heartbeat is 90-110bpm… our baby’s was 128. We have made another nutcase baby. My favorite kind.

And today, 3-19-13: Today I’m sick. Like officially sick. I slept 0 minutes last night. This has been the hardest day to be a mom of 2 yet. I’ve got the baby on the outside that is playful and crazy and she expects to eat and drink. And then I have the baby on the inside that doesn’t know whether or not he’s hungry or sick or tired or if he has energy. I am sometimes hungry, and all the time sick. The mornings have been really hard – like nothing gets done hard. The afternoons are manageable, so if I have to do something… it gets done then. Then by dinner I’m usually sick again. I go to bed sick and I wake up 3059895793 times sick throughout the night. But hey, I’m not complaining. I love a growing baby in my belly. But it is hard. Things are definitely different this time. With Leah I was puking my guts up, this time (so far) I’m just can’t do anything sick. I kind of wish I would throw up… get some relief. But oh well. It’s definitely interesting playing the comparison game.

And that’s where we sit. Stay tuned for more.





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I’m Back.

What a whirwind!

I tell you all I’m pregnant, and then go out of town for a week. Well, almost a week. But the buglet and I are back.

We took a trip to see the grandparents, and I must say, this might have been my favorite trip home with Leah yet. She is just doing more and more and she loved exploring grandma’s (and grandpa’s) big forest! She is 100% an outdoor kid, and I love that I get to get her away from her little fenced in yard and sidewalk(ed) streets and get her into the forest with ponds and creeks and big rocks and tree stumps and gravel roads where horses and cows line the fences. Not to mention it was 60 the first day, then 65, then 79, then 73! Perfect.

Funny, I used to want so badly to live “in town” – now I’m pretty grateful they never moved. Leah will have such fun visiting the forest over and over and over again. I think she walked at least 10 miles while we were there, and that’s a lot for little legs! My favorite walk was going down the old gravel road. A horse ran up to us and Leah neighed at it… and it neighed back! And then she got scared, ha. But it was quite a talkative horse; so fun for her. Then a little further down we met a bull. Or a cow. And she got to hear him mooo… and she moooooed right back. Then she got to watch Bella chase bunnies in the woods and we ended the walk by sitting on a bridge throwing rocks in the creek as Bella dug them out.

I’m telling you… I used to curse that gravel road… I have different feelings now.

Thanks, grandma and grandpa – can’t wait to come back! We miss it already.

The reason we went there in the first place, besides just to visit, is that we left Daddy and Duncan home with a To-Do list! And what was on it?? To make a toddler room fit for a princess. And he did! I could cry I love it so much… as does Leah. She smiled SO big when she saw her pooh bear bed! It really is perfect, thank you daddy! Would you like to see:


The lighting sucked a little for the picture – but you get the idea. The color is a light purple, and so pretty!


The pooh bed. That pillowcase actually has Pooh and Piglet on the other side, so naturally, she has turned it over.


The other side.


No truer words have been spoken. Thanks for the perfect quote, Pooh.


She slept like a champ last night!


Just a little nostalgia. In three months I’ll need a “2 years wonderful” frame and I’ll have a new ultrasound baby.

Time flies, ya’ll.

So anyways, that’s where we are today. I’m about to throw up, but that’s a blog for tomorrow. I’ve got lots of reading for you to do in the future.



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Duncan and the Yellow Balloon.

You guys.

I love my dog.

Leah and I had to go get my car fixed yesterday, and while we were there one of the sales guys gave Leah one of those giant balloons you see floating above the dealerships. She loved it. It occupied her the entire time we were there. However, when we got home, Duncan took over.

I have never had more fun watching him have fun then watching him play, literally play, with this giant yellow balloon. He carries it around, and tries to bump it with his nose, and runs through the house with it, and fights Leah for it… it is incredible entertainment. So I must share all the pictures I took of him (and her) enjoying this simplest of toys this morning.

They are too much.

Here is Duncan entertaining himself with it:

photo(139) photo(143) photo(145) photo(146) photo(147) photo(148) photo(149) photo(151) photo(152)

And then Leah came over and decided to be a bully and take it from him:


photo(140)photo(141)photo(133) photo(134)photo(135)photo(131)  photo(136) photo(137)

Then she gave it back to him:


And my favorite thing happened:


He carried it upstairs for them to play with it in the playroom.


If I ever write a children’s book… this is my first storyline.

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