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Duncan and the Yellow Balloon.

You guys.

I love my dog.

Leah and I had to go get my car fixed yesterday, and while we were there one of the sales guys gave Leah one of those giant balloons you see floating above the dealerships. She loved it. It occupied her the entire time we were there. However, when we got home, Duncan took over.

I have never had more fun watching him have fun then watching him play, literally play, with this giant yellow balloon. He carries it around, and tries to bump it with his nose, and runs through the house with it, and fights Leah for it… it is incredible entertainment. So I must share all the pictures I took of him (and her) enjoying this simplest of toys this morning.

They are too much.

Here is Duncan entertaining himself with it:

photo(139) photo(143) photo(145) photo(146) photo(147) photo(148) photo(149) photo(151) photo(152)

And then Leah came over and decided to be a bully and take it from him:


photo(140)photo(141)photo(133) photo(134)photo(135)photo(131)  photo(136) photo(137)

Then she gave it back to him:


And my favorite thing happened:


He carried it upstairs for them to play with it in the playroom.


If I ever write a children’s book… this is my first storyline.

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