I’m Back.

What a whirwind!

I tell you all I’m pregnant, and then go out of town for a week. Well, almost a week. But the buglet and I are back.

We took a trip to see the grandparents, and I must say, this might have been my favorite trip home with Leah yet. She is just doing more and more and she loved exploring grandma’s (and grandpa’s) big forest! She is 100% an outdoor kid, and I love that I get to get her away from her little fenced in yard and sidewalk(ed) streets and get her into the forest with ponds and creeks and big rocks and tree stumps and gravel roads where horses and cows line the fences. Not to mention it was 60 the first day, then 65, then 79, then 73! Perfect.

Funny, I used to want so badly to live “in town” – now I’m pretty grateful they never moved. Leah will have such fun visiting the forest over and over and over again. I think she walked at least 10 miles while we were there, and that’s a lot for little legs! My favorite walk was going down the old gravel road. A horse ran up to us and Leah neighed at it… and it neighed back! And then she got scared, ha. But it was quite a talkative horse; so fun for her. Then a little further down we met a bull. Or a cow. And she got to hear him mooo… and she moooooed right back. Then she got to watch Bella chase bunnies in the woods and we ended the walk by sitting on a bridge throwing rocks in the creek as Bella dug them out.

I’m telling you… I used to curse that gravel road… I have different feelings now.

Thanks, grandma and grandpa – can’t wait to come back! We miss it already.

The reason we went there in the first place, besides just to visit, is that we left Daddy and Duncan home with a To-Do list! And what was on it?? To make a toddler room fit for a princess. And he did! I could cry I love it so much… as does Leah. She smiled SO big when she saw her pooh bear bed! It really is perfect, thank you daddy! Would you like to see:


The lighting sucked a little for the picture – but you get the idea. The color is a light purple, and so pretty!


The pooh bed. That pillowcase actually has Pooh and Piglet on the other side, so naturally, she has turned it over.


The other side.


No truer words have been spoken. Thanks for the perfect quote, Pooh.


She slept like a champ last night!


Just a little nostalgia. In three months I’ll need a “2 years wonderful” frame and I’ll have a new ultrasound baby.

Time flies, ya’ll.

So anyways, that’s where we are today. I’m about to throw up, but that’s a blog for tomorrow. I’ve got lots of reading for you to do in the future.




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