The Man Van.

Don’t knock a minivan, my friends.

We went there. And we won’t look back.

We started thinking about a van about the time we said, hey we should make another baby. It just seemed to make sense. Sure, two babies would fit in my Jeep, but not exactly comfortably. And then, where would Duncan sit?! So we started talking vans. Cause really, an SUV is a slightly bigger car – that’s about it.

So on a random trip through a car lot with really the only purpose being to keep Leah napping in the back seat – we saw it. A pretty red Dodge Caravan. Here’s the thing about a Dodge Caravan – I swore to Kyle I would never get one. When he said he liked them I made an awful face and told him they looked cheap. I wanted a Toyota Sienna or a Honda Odyssey. You know, the vans. But we had looked at a couple Honda’s and I learned that I only like them from afar. Everytime I got close something about them made me go “ew.” Now, if you have one, you must know that I still admire them from afar… I just can’t imagine sitting in one. It’s kinda like an outfit you love on the manikin, then you put it on… And the Toyota’s were fine, but there was nothing special enough to make them so much more expensive.

Since we had a sleeping Leah in the back seat, we couldn’t do much looking, but we saw enough to know we wanted to test drive it. And I pretty much knew I wanted it. And not because Kyle liked it… because I actually liked it. But that’s how it works in my life, everything I’ve said I’d never do… I’ve done. We entertained a few more car lots throughout the week, but nothing came close. This was a 2012 for a great price, and something about the red really suckered me in. Even other Caravans didn’t come close. So the following weekend we went to test drive it.

And then we bought it.


Kyle did some fantastic haggling (thank you, Dave Ramsey) – and I just sat in silence, sweating and awkwardly smiling, watching the two of them go back and forth. Praying that I would drive it home.

And I did!


I love my van you guys. It’s got the button operated doors. There’s a middle isle fit for changing diapers and throwing toys and blankets. There are at least 1 million compartments for Kleenexes, snacks, diapers, and band aids – everything you must stock a minivan with. Duncan jumps in and out with complete ease… something he never got used to with the jeep. Leah loves looking out her giant window. The trunk is 10 feet deep and I think could fit everything we own. It drives smooth and gets better gas mileage than my jeep. I don’t have to worry about hitting other cars with my door as I fight to get Leah out of her seat. Duncan has entire back row to himself. All good things.

So I guess I’m officially old. Or a mom. Because not only do I drive a minivan… I love my minivan.

The best part is Kyle likes it. Aww, I guess he’s old, too. He’s always said that the Dodge’s are the most manly of the minivan’s, whatever that means. But what’s even funnier is that I read an article about them before we bought it saying how it was packed with testosterone. What does that even mean?! Maybe it really is tailored to the dad’s that will undoubtedly share in the driving duties. So naturally, we call it the man van. My mom made me smile a lot when she said, “can you just picture Kyle driving a van full of giggling little girls to soccer practice??” Aww – yes I can.

So anyways – I think I’m out of secrets now.

This is what we look like driving. I deleted all my pictures of the outside, so if you want to see it google a red 2012 dodge grand caravan. That’s it. Duncan used to ride in the back seat, but he’s learned that Leah eats snacks while we drive, so now… well… you can see where he’s ended up.


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