Leah Lately.

Even with a new baby around here, I can’t forget about the old one. She is so far from a baby it’s not even funny anymore. I realize she hasn’t gotten a good, detailed update on the big bug. So here we go.

She sleeps in a toddler bed. And she does so good in her new bed! I was a little terrified she would get in and out a million times since she is not one to sit still if she doesn’t have to. However, with the exception of one nap where she tried to sneak a book back into her bed… she has been terrific. She still waits for me to get her out of it when she wakes up even though she climbs in and out a million times when she’s playing in her room. I don’t get it, but I don’t ask questions. She’s just a big girl I guess.

She loves to play with balls. Anything from a golf ball to a beach ball can entertain her for hours. She really loves to kick them, soccer here we come. She is really starting to like throwing and catching, and is actually quite good at it. Let’s pray she gets her dad’s hand/eye coordination.

She still loves books.

She loves stacking! She will stack anything, too. She stacks toilet paper, my spice jars, her blocks, her cups, and really anything that is at all stackable. She’s actually really good at this, too. She has really steady hands for a little one. I’m pretty impressed. Of course.

She is obsessed with being outdoors, which I love. It kinda sucks that March is not cooperating with us, however. We are ready for Spring already! She would be outside all day every day if I let her. And once the weather does warm up, I can promise you we will be outside more than inside. Give her a ball and the great outdoors and she is one happy kid.

She has started being mean to Duncan. Like on purpose! I don’t know why, but it’s not okay. She thinks it’s funny, which is also not okay. She likes to hit him with things and ram her stroller into him. Not good. She had to go to time-out last week because she rammed her stroller into him and I got really stern with her telling her it was not okay – then she did it again! So I took it away. Then she got really mad at me, but hit him! I guess cause he was right there. Either way, I was shocked. And she was in trouble.

She is doing really well with her sick, pregnant mom. After all, what’s there not to like, she watches a lot of George.

She loves to make people laugh. And if you laugh at something she does… she will do it forever.

She is crazy about Winnie the Pooh… and all his friends. Her three favorites are Pooh, Tigger, and Piglet. Or Pooh, Tuck, and Baba as she likes to call them. If you ask her if she likes Rabbit, she will straight up say no. Haha. Does anyone like Rabbit? I cannot wait to throw her Winnie the Pooh Second birthday party!

She is an expert jumper. She jumps everywhere, and is really, really good. The girl can get some air. Thank you, bounce house for hours of practice.

She loves eggs, yogurt, grapes, anything sweet, saltines, peanut butter bread, toast, oatmeal, salami, peas, bananas, pineapple, berries (all of them). Still won’t even entertain the idea of meat. Whatever.

She only drinks water, and loves it.

She loves walking or running, and will no longer sit in her stroller. Ever.

She is nuts about animals. She really likes elephants and horses.

She loves balloons and sunglasses.

She loves to take stickers off of one thing and put them on another. It keeps her busy for hours, I’m okay with it.

Ok, I think that’s the big stuff. She’s a funny little creature.

I came out of the bathroom one day and found this:


Sleeping surrounded by her best friends.


And this was here exactly a year ago. Sigh.


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