Snow Day.


I’d like to have a word or two with the groundhog. There is not supposed to be snow on the ground a week before my birthday. It is spring. There should be green grass, flowers, and buds on trees. Now I can’t even see the grass.


And that’s a big however – I must say I actually enjoyed our little snow day yesterday. It was fun that it was a Sunday, so Kyle didn’t have to stress about going to work or not. Leah was in a good mood all day. I wasn’t that sick. Kyle got done with his studying a little early so we got to watch some DVR’d shows while Leah napped.

Do you know how long it’s been since we’ve sat down and watched TV together without one of us falling asleep? A long time.

And although the snow is most inconvenient, I must say, it is really pretty. We got the big, juicy flakes that stick to everything. So all the trees are covered. Pretty picturesque. However, if I was up tomorrow and it was gone and 105 outside… I wouldn’t be sad.

Kyle and I had a couple mishaps with our kids though. After all, we were together all day long, something was bound to go wrong. First, I slammed Duncan’s back leg in the door. So sorry, buddy! I thought he was all the way inside; he was not. He forgave me, though. He is a serious lover of snow. He was outside so much yesterday, and again today. He loves running through it and sticking his nose in it. And of course, eating it.

Then our second mishap was when Kyle, while swinging his shovel behind him, hit Leah right between the eyes. That was a sad one. I was watching the two of them from the garage, and I saw it about to happen. But it was so fast, about the time I thought to yell WAIT… BAM got her. She was just trying to help her dad shovel! But she recovered as well, didn’t even want to go inside to wash it off. Meanwhile, we are thanking Jesus it hit in between her eyes and not in her eye. That could have been bad.

Geeeeez. Stellar parents, wouldn’t you say? And to think, we’re welcoming another kid into this mess!

But the pain from a smashed leg and a shovel to the face didn’t last long. And everybody was happy again in no time.

I made magical use of the bread, eggs, and milk I got from the store the day before (because that’s what you do in Missouri) and made French Toast for dinner. Yum. There is nothing better than breakfast for dinner… especially on a snow day. Leah was a big fan, and I realized it was the first time she’d had it. We’ll be doing that again.

I don’t know. It was just a fun day. Even though I am so sick of snow. And cold! I’ve got my sights on this weekend when they are saying it will be 60 and above. That’s more my style. In the meantime, I’ve got a Baby #2 update for you tomorrow, and Louie and Lucille update for you Wednesday. I really need to be getting ready for Easter with the cousins AND for Buffalo, so we’ll see if I get much more than that in.

This was our day today, though:

Stacking is the name of the game.


Duncan supervising.


Then she took all the spices for a ride.


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