Meet Nate. Or Quinn.

I really haven’t talked about the little guy (or girl) since I filled you in on the news. At least not like I blogged about Leah for so many months. But it’s time that changed. I was a second child, and I am bound and determined to give this baby every shred of dedication that Leah had. And I swore to myself long ago that I would always love my second baby more than my first.

Ok, so maybe I’m setting myself up to fail on those two things. Turns out, it’s hard to devote all time and energy to a second baby when you already have a death defying, climbing, running, grape eating maniac between your feet all day. But alas, here is a blog all about Nate. Or Quinn.

I am eight and a half weeks pregnant right now. This lovely little bean is due November 2; however, we will have a c-section thanks to a less than fun first attempt at childbirth, so the birthday will probably be between Oct 31 and November 4th. Kyle’s birthday is the 5th. That’ll be a fun week. Go on, judge me for a scheduled c-section I don’t care. It’s best for mama and baby and that trumps what you think.

Moving right along.

An 8 week old Nate or Quinn is the size of a Raspberry right now. When I found out I was pregnant he was the size of a Poppy Seed – growing, growing, growing. Tiny little webbed fingers and toes are growing this week. He has an upper lip (awww, I remember when Leah got her upper lip!), eyelids, and the tip of a cute little button nose. His tongue has started to grow. His heart is beating fast and strong. His tail is gone. The nerve cells in his brain are connecting rapidly. His little nub wrists are bent and resting right above his heart… so naturally, we imagine him to look like a T-Rex at this point.

Oh, I love him, or her. I was a little worried when we started the baby making process how I would love another one equally (or in this case more) than I love Leah, but it turns out it’s possible. Already. I love that little girl we have. Like, a lot. She’s gonna be pretty hard to beat. But the second I watched a second line appear on the pregnancy test I was drenched in love all over again. A new love. Special just for this baby. I guess my heart just expanded when it needed, too. Pretty fun. And the best part is… I don’t love Leah any less. You can imagine though, how hard my heart must be working to carry all of this love around. It must be a pretty strong one.

The gender. Ok, so we don’t know. However, I say boy. I knowwwwww, I said boy once before and was very wrong. But I’m saying boy again. And so what if I’m wrong. For some reason, it’s easier for my brain to think boy and my fingers to type “his, him, or he” rather than “she or her.” Kyle says girl… just because I say boy. It’s gonna be a lot of fun to actually know in June. Here’s the thing about the sex, though. Everyone thinks we should want a boy because we have a girl. But we don’t. At least I don’t, and I’m pretty sure Kyle said the same thing. Again, I think Leah’s pretty great. And if we had another sweet, crazy little girl running around I would be over the moon. She makes it easy to want a duplicate. But if we got to try our hand a raising a strapping young man… well, bring it on. I had a dream we found out at the ultrasound that it was a girl and we both screamed QUINNNNNNN. Ha. We were pretty stinking excited. For what it’s worth, though, when I was pregnant with Leah I dreamed I had a boy. Sooooo.

Symptoms. My symptoms this time around are so weird! They were pretty textbook with Leah. Puking and tired. This time, I haven’t thrown up, but I am nauseous a lot of each day. I say that because it’s never at the same time every day. For a while I thought we had a pattern of mornings… then I started waking up (and staying up) all night sick. Then sometimes, yesterday, I was sick all afternoon. With Leah it was constant, so I guess I’m enjoying the breaks. But it is very annoying to not know when it’s going to hit. I’m freaking starving, as I’ve mentioned. I seriously cannot cram enough food into my mouth. I’m really like red meat, and avoiding chicken. (That seems like a man thing to me). Anything sweet I will devour. Pasta is pretty heavy on the cravings list; well, anything carbs. Yaaay. The thought of fruit, and even the carrots I loved so much for a week make me gag. My skin is crazy dry. I don’t sleep. I am exhausted. This one actually took a while to hit, I thought I was doing good until a week or so ago… and I really haven’t gotten off the couch since. Leah loves it, we snuggle and watch TV and eat snacks and rot our brains almost all day. It’s a good time. I clean a room at a time in the house and then collapse. And really, cleaning one room does nothing so it always looks messy. But I promise, Kyle, I do try. I’ve still been making dinner for Kyle every night (whether or not I eat it) so for that I feel I deserve some sort of recognition. My dreams are out of control. They were pretty vivid with Leah, too, but they are just insane now. It’s kinda fun to go to sleep. Except the time I woke up because I was in a North Korean prison camp. But last night I dreamed I felt the baby kick at 9 weeks. That’s only a few days away! That would be fun. I’m out of breath almost all the time, just like with Leah. I have heartburn, but less than with Leah. And I’m already obsessed with cereal.

A lot of times I feel like I picked up where I left off.

In some ways reality hasn’t set in, but then sometimes it seems very real. I’m excited though, for lots of things. And terrified of lots of things. But those are blogs to come.

For now, I’m going to go eat my favorite snack… Dark cherry yogurt, but instead of eating it with a spoon I eat it with a strip of dark chocolate. Seriously. Yum. And I really need to start puking at some point to balance all of this eating out.



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