Welcome to the Game.

In the past three days I have thrown up, went to the store just to get a Cadburry Cream Egg, had an unexplainable emotional meltdown, and broke out the maternity jeans. So with that:


  • Goodbye sleep.
  • Goodbye buttons and zippers.
  • Goodbye hunger control, weight control, and bladder control.
  • Goodbye emotional stability.
  • Goodbye energy.
  • Goodbye cold lunch meat, caffeine, and hair dye.
  • Goodbye walking with ease, talking with ease, and breathing comfortably in general.
  • Goodbye ibuprofen and NyQuil.
  • Goodbye memory.
  • Goodbye body for one and appetite for one.
  • Goodbye internal thermostat.


  • Hello nausea.
  • Hello exhaustion.
  • Hello snoogle.
  • Hello elastic pants.
  • Hello bigger feet, bigger boobs, bigger me.
  • Hello heartburn.
  • Hello bleeding gums.
  • Hello food.
  • Hello horse sized prenatal vitamins and unisom.
  • Hello unexplainable tears.
  • Hello crazy dreams.

Welcome to the game, Baby #2.

Grow well.


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