Darn the babies that like to be born during office hours.

No, not mine – he’s still got quite a while to bake. I’m talking about whomever decided to make their grand entrance at 10:30am this morning. During my doctor’s appointment! How dare they, right?

So ya, I had a doctor’s appointment today. With Leah. It was at 10:30… I saw the doctor at 12:15. Absolute torture. Leah’s nap is at 12. We usually eat lunch at 11. We missed all of those things. Man, I was frustrated. And huuuungry. However, Leah was much better than I was at waiting. She was a gem actually. Never fussed. She played with a little girl in the waiting room, then watched Pooh on my phone while we waited in the room.

But. I’m fine. New baby’s fine. I saw the doctor for all of 3 minutes, but things were good. I gained 3lbs.


At this point with Leah I was down 7lbs. I didn’t gain a pound with her until 14 weeks. So it’s kind of alarming, but I guess there’s nothing I can do about it. I’m freaking starving all the time, and if I don’t eat all the time I get sick… sooooo. I guess I’ll just gain 4000lbs this time around. Hopefully I lose it as fast as I did with Leah. This constant eating cannot be good for anyone. It’s gotta be a boy, right? I feel like little girls don’t require this crazy amount of food? She’ll be a tank if it is a girl I guess.

The little (big) guy (girl) is 9 and a half weeks old. The size of a grape. His organs are finishing up their rapid development in the next two weeks. His webbing between the fingers and toes is disappearing. His head is half the size of his body, sure hope that shrinks up before he’s born. His eyes are finished. Yay! Wonder if he’ll have pretty baby blues like his sister?

Speaking of his sister – she’s too much for me. She is a HAM. I may never see her eyes in a picture again. When I want to take her picture now she says CHEEEEEESE and squints as hard as she can. I really need it to start warming up so we can spend more time outside. We get out here and there, but I’m ready to live outside. She’s still obsessed with Winnie the Pooh and his friends (except Rabbit). She’s crazy about grapes. She loves to pray… it’s not uncommon for us to pray 84 times per meal. She’s been sleeping until 730, sometimes closer to 8 in the mornings – and no one is complaining. She has every last tooth and molar – can’t wait to start that all over again with number 2.

Our Buffalo trip is really coming together! I’ve got everything booked, the car reserved, our itinerary set, and lots of baby crap shipped to grandma’s. I figured it would be easier to buy and ship diapers/pack and play/stroller/soap/toys… hopefully I’m right. It’ll save some room in my suitcase, that’s for sure. And it will all be waiting for us. So we bought a car seat and I was going to carry it with us and then check it in the airport… well that was a horrible idea. We tried to put it in Kyle’s car one night and it didn’t work in his car! So who’s to know if it would have worked in a rental car. Can you imagine if I would have lugged that thing all the way there only to find out it didn’t fit in our rental car?! I would have died. So we are returning it and I rented a car with a car seat. So we pay a little more.. oh.well. This trip is going to be something – I’m so excited, but also anxious of getting us there. I’ve still got some odds and ends to finish up, like getting Kyle’s bus ticket, but hopefully I will finish everything this week.

In the meantime we go play with the cousins this weekend!






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