2nd Babies are Weird.

I’ll say it again, second babies are weird. Or second pregnancies. I’m not sure which. But I can’t help but blame the baby.

I guess I just assumed I knew how to be pregnant. I’ve done it once before. I knew somethings would change, I guess, but I don’t know if I actually believed that. Turns out, there is truth in the statement no two pregnancies are the same. I just sit around in awe a lot of the time at how much different this time around is. There is not one similarity I can find between baby number one and baby number two.

And baby number two is a weirdo. I say that in the most loving/nuturing/motherly way possible.

Subway – Do we remember how Leah couldn’t tolerate Subway? Not for a second. I think I chewed up and spit out three subs, and then violently puked up one that I did manage to swallow. She just wasn’t having it. So I stopped eating it, and wondered if I ever would again. After she was born, I went right back to eating it like normal. Until the last few months we ate it on a regular basis, but then I guess started getting sick of it. As of last week, however, all I can think about is Subway. I want it all.the.time. I’ve had it three times in the last week – and if I didn’t have to pay for it, I would have eaten it every day. My mouth waters thinking about it – so you can imagine what’s happening to me right now. Not just any sub will do, though. It must be a spicy Italian on Italian Herbs and Cheese with green peppers, banana peppers, lots of lettuce, a few onions, oil and vinegar. Now someone, please, go bring me one.

Cuties – Remember how I had to have 6 clementines a day with Leah? I would go through several boxes in a week. This time… no thanks. I still buy them, because it turns out Leah is still obsessed, but I have no desire to eat one. I ate a slice of one of hers yesterday and had a little difficulty swallowing it. Weird.

This baby wants nothing good for him. He wants cake and ice cream and pasta and pizza and Subway.

His sister wanted fruit and green beans.

Do you want to know what I ate today? A1 sauce. You know, for steak. I just ate it – a lot of it. Then I felt weird because I couldn’t stop, so I started dipping chips in it. You know, because A1 sauce is the new salsa. And adding chips made it seem like a meal. Geeeeez. Who in the world is in my belly?!

I felt very much in control of myself with Leah. It was easy to avoid things and to keep on top of my eating. This time… no dice. It’s like I’m not even in charge of me anymore. My belly looks different this time. Leah was a ball. This guy is more an oval.

I’m telling you… I wasn’t prepared for any of this.

But I love him. Or her. And his crazy appetite (in no way am I claiming this appetite as my own).




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