Moving Right Along.

Well, the littlest Proebsting is going to be 11 weeks soon.

Time flies.

I remember with Leah how slowly these early weeks used to go. I would count down the individual days until the next doctor’s appointment. Not so anymore. For my last appointment I kept forgetting, and the morning of I was really just wishing she would come to my house to poke my stomach for the minute I would have been in her office. I guess I’m pretty distracted these days, because I am constantly caught off guard by how fast everything is going. That’s kind of a scary thought – I’m sure I will blink my eyes and be holding this little one very soon. And still trying to keep Leah alive. And yelling at Duncan. And trying to keep a house.

Boy, maybe we should have thought this through!

No. I’m happy, and excited 99% of the time. And the 1% isn’t dread, just more of oh crap what are we doing? But I guess we will figure it out. After all, I’m not the first person to have two kids, right? My sister’s still alive, and she had a newborn when her oldest was Leah’s age now… now that is just asinine.

So the little one is already causing quite a ruckus. Of course. This has proven to be my sickest week. Still very minimal puking, but the nausea can go anytime. It’s horrible starting about 5… when I need to get everyone fed. It gets worse at about 2am, and I’m usually up til 4 tossing and turning trying to ignore the puke feeling. Then I settle back into a semi-good sleep and Leah wakes up…Bam… another day. I usually wake up pretty sick, but shoving food in my mouth helps after about an hour. Then I’m good to go until 5.

I am welcoming some much needed energy back into my life though. Hallelujah. I feel like I have somewhat of a handle on the house again. There are currently no dirty clothes to be found, my biggest achievement. Our bedrooms and bathrooms are clean again. Leah’s playroom is clean, and that really doesn’t happen even when I’m not pregnant. And because I am celebrating all of this energy – I even cleaned out the fridge! Turns out, when you through away all the expired food… it looks rather clean. And empty. Guess I’ll have to fill it again – usually not a problem these days.

I think I’m going to get some serious charlie horses with this baby. I only had one night of them with Leah, and that was the first night of my third trimester. This time around, if I hold a spoon too long my entire hand cramps up. Writing is a nightmare. I was stirring cookie dough last night (of course) and I thought my hand was going to be permanently fixed around the spatula. Ow. So I feel like that is only going to get worse. I made myself eat a banana today to try and help, but really, a banana is not a cookie – and the baby knows that. Yuck. We’ll see how this turns out.

This crazy baby is an inch and a half. It’s even more crazy to me the second time around just how small they start out – because I’ve seen the finished product. These things start out as poppy seeds and end up babies! It’s true, I’ve seen it happen. It will always blow my mind I think. I mean an inch and a half – that’s less than my finger – and yet huge compared to what he was two weeks ago. Her (look, I said HER) vital organs have formed and are starting to function. Jesus, let them function well. He (okay, back we go) has fingernails, ears, a tongue, unwebbed fingers and toes, and nipples. His brain is going crazy with developing neurons. If she’s a girl she’s got her ovaries, if he’s a boy he’s got his testosterone. His arms and legs are bending and moving. (More on that soon). All in all, most of the foundation of this little baby has been laid. Now we grow. And grow and grow and grow. He has transitioned from embryo to fetus – holla.

And me, well, I’m still eating steak sauce.

Oh my gosh, someone help.

I actually bought normal people salsa to try and stop myself, but I can’t be stopped. I don’t think I’ll ever actually open the jar – salsa and chips – how strange. Steak sauce and chips is just way too appealing right now. And pickles. And vinegar. And subway. And lemonade. Mmmmmm. Something about tangy is really sending me to the moon. Whatever, I guess I’ll just let it happen. My sleeps sucks. My dreams are insane. My bladder has calmed down – a little. My energy is back – most of the time. I’m very pukey. I’m wearing maternity clothes. My chest region is out of control. My taste buds are on crack. My memory is shot.

I’m pregnant.

And getting more so everyday.



Oh, and Leah went potty three times this morning – we’re having a really fun time with it. Love that little girl.



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  1. I had horrendous charlie horses in my calves at night when I was pregnant. Like the middle of the night wake you up in a panic ones. So fun. My doctor recommended drinking a big glass of water right before bed and that really seemed to help. But if you’re getting them in the middle of the day….well, I have no help for you. More water? I also got them on the arch of my foot randomly throughout the day…made my toes curl and made me want to cut my foot off. I drank water like it was my job so I know it wasn’t a lack of that! I think it just happens sometimes. Good luck!

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