Mama Poop!

I’ve been lazy this week.

Well, not entirely. But when it comes to blogging – yes. Most days I didn’t even want to open the computer at nap time. But alas, here I am.

Where should we start? Potty? Milk? Gymnastics?

Ok, we’ll start with gymnastics. We’ve got a little gymnast on our hands. My goodness we made an active kid. I love it so much. She has so much fun running and jumping and somersaulting (definitely not her mother’s child). She just loves to move… any way she can. So I signed her up for a class today to see if we should sign her up for a whole session.

And the resounding answer is… yes! Now we just need to find a million dollars to do it. Why do these gym people think they deserve so much money??? But gosh, Leah had the time of her life. She ran like a maniac, did her somersaults, and showed everyone just how much she likes to play soccer. She acted like she’d been in the class for weeks already. She knew exactly what to do. It was fun to watch her get to run around with other kids. She really has no other friends her age besides her cousins who refuse to move from Columbia, so it was good for her to interact. She shared with a couple of them and I could see her mind figuring out how to mimic what some of them were doing. It was just a good social experience for her. She loved helping the teaching clean up – teachers pet. She was not a fan of the singing and clapping portion of class; she was way too tempted by the uneven bars and all the climbing fun. But I think if we went more she’d pick up on the routine. She’s also not inspired by music whatsoever, she would rather move. But forcing her to sing and clap once a week wouldn’t kill her :).

The teacher commented on how well she fit in, her running while kicking abilities, and her grip on the uneven bars – I’m sure it was all to get me to get my checkbook out – but I was a proud mom nonetheless.

From here let’s go to potty training! Talk about a freaking proud mom! She wears one diaper a day pretty much every day. What the heck?! We are just gelling together really well with this. She’s telling me a lot of the time when she needs to go, and I can pick up on her wiggling the other times. She has told me in the middle of watching TV and playing outside! That’s a big deal! I’m so proud of her, we officially started “stage one” last week if you recall. I was not anticipating it going this quickly. She must have just been ready, that’s all I have to say to that. She went before gymnastics, was dry throughout, told me she had to go when we got home, and went! She’s an easy kid. I’m still not pushing anything, she’s still not in underwear, she’s still loving it, and we’re not changing any of that. But gosh she makes it easy. Here’s a fun story:

She gets excited for me now when I go, which is rather fun. I guess because I cheer for her, she returns the favor. She has also changed her potty word from “poo poo” to just “poop.” Thank you, Kyle. So now, no matter what potty she goes she just says “poop” and we run to the bathroom. So yesterday we were in Kohls and I was going to the bathroom. I finish and Leah yells, “yay, mama, POOP!” “Mama poop!” I wanted to crawl in a hole. Of course there was one other person in there with us, God knows what she was thinking. For the record, I did not poop. Thank you, Leah.

And milk.

We went to the doctor for her 18 month check up the other day, ha. She’ll be 22 months in two weeks. Whatever. She was healthy as a horse, of course. I didn’t neeeed to take her other than to get a shot, I guess that’s why I was so behind. So we started talking about allergies. She sneezes a ton these days, and we decided it’s probably environmental… or dog hair. He gave us some medicine to use when needed, and also told me as long as Leah and Duncan aren’t on top of each other it should be ok. Ha! Ya right. I’ll just use the medicine, thanks. So anyways, over the past month I’ve been giving her little bits of things that have milk in them. And she has had no eczema breakouts. He said her body could have settled down to the effect milk has on her body. Wahoo!

But here’s what that means. I will not now or ever give her a glass of milk. Ever. It’s horrible for her whether she’s allergic or not. It’s filled with crap I don’t want to talk about. Cows make milk for their babies… not humans! Anyways (I’m done with that); this does open the door for fun treats like M&Ms and donuts. I won’t overload her now or ever because, well, I don’t want her being obese. But I am excited to let her partake in life’s little treasures. If I do notice a breakout, we will scale back again. But for now, I’m introducing slowly. I will still take the cheese off her pizza for now because I don’t want to overwhelm her gut. But she did get her first Kraft Singles slice of cheese… and was very excited. I will still make my own icing and most baked goods without milk, because we’ve learned that most of them taste better with the substitutes, but if she wants a milky treat sometime… she can have one.

Now if you’ll excuse me I’m going to look under the couch cushions and try to find the money the gym people think they deserve for teaching Leah how to run and play.



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