950 Hours.

And here we go again.

Kyle’s got another test next week. May 2, to be exact. Put that on your calendar’s now so you’ll remember to say your prayers. This will be his second go at the test he almost passed in November.

This test is seriously no joke. I don’t think I could ever describe how much time he has dedicated to this thing. Oh wait, yes I can, by next Thursday, Kyle will have studied for this one test for 950 hours.

950 hours!

Are you kidding me?! That’s a lot of hours, guys. A lot of hours he’s woken up early, gone to bed late, foregone a trip to the park with his family, or eaten lunch with only his note cards as company. I’ve never seen someone so dedicated in my life.

This test has taken it’s toll on everyone, but mainly Kyle. Do you know that he’s developed an eye twitch!

An eye twitch! Like his eye doesn’t function right anymore. I’d like to laugh, but I won’t. Ok, I will a little. Apparently eye twitches are caused by lack of sleep or stress. Seems like he was destined for one. Let’s just hope it’s temporary. Although, I suppose I’d love him regardless. It’d just be a little hard to look him in the eye. Poor guy. He also depends on coffee now. He had to do something in order to function at 4am every single morning – so coffee seemed like the trick. He used to complain, now I think he kinda likes it. Maybe not likes it, but he’s definitely tolerating it better than he used to. He’ll even drink it black if he’s desperate! I can’t imagine.

So here’s where we are. We’ve got one more full week to get through. He’s completely anxious already. We’ll take a fun family break and see the Card’s play this weekend. Then next week it’s all business. He’ll be home all day… studying. On Thursday he will take his 950 hours worth of studying and his twitchy eye and he will give his best shot at this 6 hour test. Again. And we are believing nothing less than the fact that he will pass.

On Friday we will celebrate. And breathe. And try to get his eye to work again.

Then we will go to Buffalo! I can tell you that because we got a house sitter that will stay here so you can’t rob us.

If we can make it through this week, and the first part of next week, we will be home free! And life will be good… until the next test. But we’re not thinking of that now.

Could you add him to your prayers? Maybe for a steady eye? Or the anxiety to lessen and the confidence to build? Or maybe that he will just straight up pass? Anything will do.

God help us.


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