Coming Up.

Do you wanna know what we’re doing these days? Besides studying?

Well, nothing really. BUT we will be doing lots of fun things soon. And here they are.

First of all, I guess I’ll start with what we’re not doing. That’s only one thing, so it’s easy. We are not eating out for the next two weeks. Not one bite of anything besides what comes from this house. We had a horrible, horrible week of horrible, horrible eating last week. Shameful, really. It all tasted good, of course, but we cannot keep that up. So we’ve sworn off any sort of restaurant food until after Kyle’s test. I’ve planned all of our meals to ensure it happens, too. It’s kind of refreshing. Ok, very refreshing. We were all feeling about 700lbs after last week. So even just one day in a feel lighter. And anytime I feel lighter is a wonderful thing.

But on to the fun stuff.

Leah now has gymnastics on a regular basis. Yay! We found all the money under the couch cushions! I should clean them more often. Not really, but we bit the bullet for her happiness. And she will be so happy. I’m excited to have a weekly structured (kind of) event with her. She’s gonna be in Heaven. Let’s hope this week she will sit and sing and clap her hands like a good girl.

We’ll make our way to the greatest place on Earth this weekend – Busch stadium. Who knew I would love watching baseball so much? But I do. And I love even more taking Leah. I know some parents don’t take their kids cause they are a hassle (and they are), but I happen to enjoy following her around watching her run and point at everything like a maniac. She loved the games she went to last year, and I’m assuming that will continue this season. She saw Fredbird on TV last night and pointed and said, “Duck!” – so she thinks he’s a FredDuck. Ha. I hope we can find him. She’ll also get an Allen Craig bat and it’s Kids run the bases day!! How fun. She’ll love it.

Baby number two and I have a doctor’s appointment at the beginning of next week. Those are always fun.

Next Thursday is D-Day, as you know. Or you should know if you tuned in yesterday. Not a lot to say about that other than… I’ll be happy when he’s home and Leah and I can have him all to ourselves again.

The next day Kyle will golf and I will get this house and backyard in shape to BBQ for friends. And there will be cake. Because I’m pregnant. Any excuse to eat, especially cake, is a good thing.

Then we will hit the SKIES! My gosh, I’m getting anxious about that. My biggest problem right now – Do I pack Pooh and Tuck in the checked bag and pray they don’t lose it – or do I shove them in my small carry on to ensure their arrival to Buffalo with us?! It’s a big deal, guys. We can’t lose these guys. I’ll let you know what I decide. Then there’s also getting through security, getting on and off each plane at the right time, getting through each flight with no major meltdowns from mom or Leah, getting our luggage while keeping Leah glued to my side, picking up the rental car with Leah glued to my side, installing a car seat while keeping Leah glued to my side, driving ourselves from the airport to Grandma’s house without using my cell phone because you get arrested for that in NY. The food, the sleeping, the large amounts of crystal and glass in the house that Leah will undoubtedly be obsessed with. Getting Kyle from the sketchy Greyhound station assuming he arrives without having been eaten. Keeping Leah from jumping over Niagara Falls.  Do you see why I don’t sleep at night?! I’m so excited for this trip – but also… you know, freaking out a little.

And last but not least – the second trimester is coming up! Holy crap. That went fast. By the end of the week we will officially be 1/3 finished with this pregnancy. This one is still blowing my mind. I’ve started to feel a little better and sleep a little better which are both more than welcome. And then there’s this:


12.5 weeks. This was about a 20 week belly with Leah.

God help me.





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