Proud Mom Alert.

Well, I had another blog planned out for today (I usually write them in my head the night before) – however, Leah blew me away yesterday, and I’d rather brag on her for a bit. If you don’t want to hear a proud mom talking… feel free to go about your business.


It’s after dinner. Leah is walking funny. Because of this potty training business, my gut says potty. I take her. We sit down, she pops right back up. Okkkkk. We leave. She keeps walking funny. My gut starts screaming at me to take her potty. We go. We sit down. She pops right back up. Okkkkkkkkkkkk. We leave. I leave her diaper off. I sit down on the couch. She looks at me out of the corner of her eye and then runs into the bathroom. I creep in and peak in at her. She sees me. Pops right back up and runs to me. I curse myself on the inside! I return to the couch. She gives me a funny look again and runs back into the bathroom. I remain seated fighting every instinct I have to spy on her. A minute or so goes by, all is quiet, but I keep sitting. Seconds later she darts out – I GO POOP, I GO POOP! She runs to me and has me follow her into the bathroom and shows me in all of it’s glory… her poop. And I squealed like one crazy proud mom. Then she runs back out to find her dad all the while screaming I GO POOP I GO POOP. She brings him to look. He squeals like one crazy proud dad. She gets her candy. And I’m left in awe of this not yet two year old.

Now she doesn’t even want me to hang out with her as she sits.

You wanna know the craziest part of that? She did it earlier in the afternoon, too. Only she didn’t tell me at all. I just found her sitting on her potty going. Like she’s been doing it her whole life. Today again… all by herself. At this point she prefers I not be involved at all when she goes. She’s a crazy kid, you guys.

So that’s where we are on the potty training journey. Right now I’m trying harder not to potty train her. I don’t want to really get into the thick of it until we are home from NY, but at this point, there’s really no stopping her. I figured my “stage one” would take a month or longer. She is telling us when she’s in the tub that she has to go. What kid does that?! If I was not yet two, I would just pee in the tub I’m almost positive. But not Leah. She insists on getting out, cold, wet, and soapy – going potty, and then getting back in. She’s going in the middle of meals, which is absolute chaos as we rip her out of her high chair, food flying, and run her to the potty. She is going in Kohls, Target, and church. And might I make a plea as a potty training parent: Can we get some little kid toilets in the public bathrooms?! She has gotten soaked feet on two occasions. I actually dread taking her in public, I’d rather her just use her diaper. It’s such a hassle. Seriously, someone throw in a tiny toilet in the handicap stall even. Please. Those toilets were not made for tiny butts.

But she’s doing it, she’s really doing it. She still has her “accidents” (although we put no emphasis on them whatsoever), but she is doing it. All by herself at that. Can I tell you my favorite accident? So yesterday I put her in underwear for half a day. We were coloring and all of a sudden she gets up, stands really still, but then starts running. And I see my floor getting wet. But she keeps running… and peeing… and running… and peeing. I was following after her cracking up. By the time she got to her potty she had about a drop left – but you better believe she got her candy. That was an effort if I’ve ever seen one. I cleaned the floor, don’t worry.

Now, I know that you guys are reading and thinking, “man, what a great mom you are!!” – ha (I‘m kiddddding) – you shouldn’t. Really. Please don’t take any of this as bragging on myself. All I did was buy a potty and introduce it to Leah. I most certainly did not anticipate or expect these results.

She’s not even two.

I clued in on her signals and ran with them. That’s it. Leah leads this process. And I am so happy for her. It’s sometimes hard because she is still so little. She is thriving on praise, but she really could care less when I tell her she’s a “big girl.” She’s too little to be into the big girl stuff yet, so I can’t really play that card. But I can play the proud mom card, and she eats that up. I know she is proud of herself, because everytime she goes she runs through the house for 5 minutes afterwards screaming I GO POOP. She also loves to tell her dad, and to make him proud as well. Anytime he’s home, she’ll go and then immediately want to tell him. She does love to get her Smarties, but a lot of times I have to remind her that she gets candy. And sometimes I don’t and we just go about playing or whatever we were doing beforehand.

It really is fun. Neither one of us have gotten upset during any part of this process, and I am most proud of that. I told you before my biggest fear was that I might ruin this experience for her (or that I would cause her to have a UTI) – but I think I’m in the clear. She is just thriving. But again, she was ready. If I would have thought for a second she wasn’t ready to handle the mental or physical side of this process or that it was more my decision than hers, I would have locked our potties up. I would have brought back diapers full time with no hesitation.

But she’s just going for it full speed.

And I’m trying to keep up.




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