Oh my gosh, you guys. We’re stewing.

Big time.

Do you know what stewing is? Stewing is a fun little thing that happens every week before the big test. When anxiety is at it’s highest, nerves are shot, and the unknown is unbearable.

Poor Kyle.

He hates stewing. But can’t help it.

So this week we have to try our hardest to help minimize the stewing. We do that by 1)getting out of the house when we can 2)staying busy. Obviously, he’s crazy busy with studying these few days before the test, but any down time at all must be occupied. Last night we went to Target and walked around, and he helped me clean! (Stewing really works to my advantage sometimes). Tonight I think he said he’s gonna mow. (Again, works for me). We’ve just gotta keep a busy agenda for the next three days! Yikes – only three days! And really, at this point, 2.5.

It’s much easier on me. I get to be excited that it’s almost over. I get to think about the fun day Friday. I get to dream about Buffalo. I get to dream of seeing him not stressed out. But his poor brain just stops at Thursday. He can’t think about any of the fun stuff before he actually takes this horrible, no good test. He just thinks of the unknowns. What’s going to be on his test? Were 1000 hours enough? Is he memorizing the right things?

How the hell do you solve for x?!

Ha. Please excuse my french, the stewing gets to me.  And I don’t even think he has to solve for x. But I do know there’s math, and that’s a pretty standard math question.  And he’s anxious about it.

I really have very little time to stew. Leah and I will be in the skies in one week! Eeeek! I have to plan for Friday, I have to clean for the house sitter, I have to make a Duncan instruction list, I have to clean sheets and bathrooms, I have to make a celebratory meal shopping list, I have to order a cake, I have to pack three suitcases, I have to do laundry, I have to figure out where to shove Pooh and Tigger, I have to print travel papers, I have to pack activity backpacks, I have to confirm reservations, I have to cook dinners, I have to calm a stewing Kyle, I have to keep on top of a 22 month old in undies…..


Why do you not live here yet?!

You guys.

We’re stewing.


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