The Great Adventure.


Well, we did it! I would highly recommend taking a vacation with your kid… or kids… it was great fun. Exhausting, sure. Fun, absolutely.

Can we start with what I did? Because really, I’m very much feeling like a supermom… still.

I did it! I got us to the airport, through security, to the gate, on the plane, through the flight, off the plane, to McDonalds, to the next gate, on the next plane, through the next flight, to the rental car, installed a car seat, and to GRANDMA’S HOUSE. All in one day! And allllllllll with Leah. You guys, she’s really the best. She didn’t cause me one problem. She was never fussy. She never whined. She just enjoyed people watching and running herself through the entire airport(s). She sat on my lap both flights, which the new baby didn’t appreciate, but Leah never complained. I had a bag full of activities, and we only went through about half of them. She loved to say hi to our fellow passengers, to tell them I was her mama, and to tell them we were going to Nonna’s! Luckily, everyone we sat by were very friendly and more than happy to talk to her. She sat patiently in the front of the rental car while I cursed the car seat in the back seat. And she stayed potty trained through it all.

She’s just a good, easy going kid. And I love her.

Man, it was fun to go to grandma’s. To take Leah to a brand new place and show her all kinds of new things. She didn’t sleep great, but she was still in a good mood every day. She loved to be up and moving and going from place to place. Then when Kyle got in the fun really started. I never really got to recover from traveling with her. And as easy as she was… it was still incredibly hard. It’s a lot to have to watch her every second through three very busy airports. Then to never really get a break, even once we landed. Needless to say – I was happy to throw some responsibility Kyle’s way. We really got to venture out once he came around. It was fun to show them both a bit of my past.

Personally, I had the time of my life. It had been 6 years since I’ve been in that house and not a darn thing changed. Just the way I like it. I can count on her house to look the same, smell the same,and be set up the same down to every last glass decoration. I enjoyed the little things more than anything. Going to Wegmanns (the east coast grocery store), baking a pie with grandma, eating pizza I grew up on, eating homemade sauce and meatballs, and staying up late telling stories. And it was fun to get to share those moments (and that food) with Kyle.

We were excited to get back to Duncan, to get back to normal sleep, to get back to our routine; but it was sad to go. I wish I could shove my grandma and her house in a suitcase and set them up next door. But then I guess we wouldn’t have had or (get to have again) such a special vacation. It was nice to get to fly home with Kyle. To have an extra hand and an extra set of eyes. Leah still did great, only crying when Kyle smashed her finger in the tray table. (Don’t worry, on the way there I smashed her head into the overhead compartments. We’re fantastic parents). She got to introduce everyone to her dad as well as her mom.

And now we’re back. Back to real life. The second we got home Kyle had to mow. Bummer. And today I have to do laundry, of course. We had gymnastics bright and early, and grocery shopping will fill the afternoon. It almost feels like we went on vacation a month ago. How fast time flies.

Now I have to work on planning a second birthday party!



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