Poppy Seed to Pear.

No one worry, I’m still pregnant.

Man! I’m already failing this poor second kid. Remember when I wrote about Leah every single week? You knew about every piece of fruit she resembled, every new feature she grew, every new reflex she found. You knew every time I threw up, pigged out, or had a backache. And now… I’m slacking.

I’m just busy, ok. You should see the two characters I have running around me all day long. It’s a wonder I don’t forget I’m pregnant all together. But really, that would be impossible – because in the last week or two – this baby has made it a mission to be known. And I love it.

Would you like to hear all about him? Or her?

Starting there, we will know just who is in there in 4 weeks!

That makes me 16 weeks pregnant. Time is really flying.

In case you’re wondering – I’m the size of a Hippo. See:


This baby is a big one. I love a good pregnant belly, don’t get me wrong. But this was the size of my belly when I was in the 20 weeks with Leah – so I’m a little alarmed every morning when I wake up. And it seems to double in size by the end of the day. Remember that time I grew a good baby and didn’t get one single stretch mark until 33 weeks? Well. I’ll just stop there.

Hot sauce is my new A1 sauce. Gotta have it! On everything if you don’t mind. Yum. And cake. And ham and swiss cheese. Well, really any food will do. But those are my favorites. Here, look what I had to make an emergency trip to the store for yesterday:


Now that’s a shopping list if I’ve ever seen one. I do make myself eat fruit and vegetables, but I don’t like it.

I’ve been having some back pain problems lately. And stomach pain problems. Growing pains, I suppose. I forgot about them… til they happened, and then had an “ah yes” moment. I just don’t remember them happening this early with Leah. I really didn’t get uncomfortable with Leah until the 30 weeks area. Oh well. I’m assuming it’s because of Leah that my back hurts so bad. All the up and down and picking up and running and what not. Today has been better – the past two were not pleasant. But I’m not complaining. I’m still enjoying being pregnant just like I did with Leah. Even if it is 100% different.

This baby is a mover. But not like his sister was. Actually, the jury’s still out on that one. I’ve had a realization in the past couple days. The movements are so delicate and sporadic this time around. Gentle little kicks and stretches. Leah was always out for blood. She was an absolute maniac… all the time. But here’s my thought: I was left with the memory of movement based on the movement I experienced at the end of pregnancy. The strong kicks and rolls and punches. The ones that made me shout out loud or stop what I was doing. I don’t remember much about what Leah felt like in the early days of her moving. Maybe she was nice to me in the beginning, just like this baby is. Maybe it wasn’t all the time. Maybe this baby will turn into the crazy person his sister was? I don’t know, I’ll let you know. For now, I am cherishing all the tiny kicks and pokes hello.

I’ve started the conversation with Leah. Sure, we told her – but she had/has no idea. Today I really started trying to tell her. We’re almost at the half-way point and she’s pretty smart, she’ll get it. So I took her to buy her new sibling some clothes today:


I told her they were for the baby. She picked the elephant one, the kid loves an elephant. I don’t plan to harp on it, but I do plan to make it normal conversation. We’ve got some time. She does love to play with my giant belly which I’ve never had anything to do with – I think it’s pretty special. And kinda creepy.

So in four weeks we will know Nate or Quinn. What do you think? I thought Nate for a longgg time, now I kinda think Quinn. Either way, I’m a happy mama. Basically though, I have no idea. The fact that things are so different makes my brain scream BOY – but I know that babies are not logical people. So it’s anyone’s guess.

The little guy is pumping his own blood with a brand new circulatory system this week. He’s about 4.5 inches and 4 ounces, perfect for the palm of my hand. He is yawning and grimacing and can hear us! Wonder what he thinks of all the chaos that awaits him?? He will cover his eyes if he sees light and his eyes are finally at the front of his head. His bones are hardening and he is about to venture onto a big growth spurt – yaaaaay. No, seriously, that makes me happy. Grow baby grow!

When I found out I was pregnant this baby was the size of a poppy seed:

poppy seed

Now he’s a pear:


Or an avocado. But that didn’t start with a P.

There you have it.

Now I feel like a better mom.

I’m getting pretty excited about this little guy (or girl)!


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