Getting Prepared.

What a weekend.

This mama was sick. And let me tell you, it is hard to be sick and to be pregnant at the same time. Each is exhausting – add them together and you might as well kill me.

But, I’m not hear to talk about that! I was sick, I almost died, I’m slightly better today – that sums up that.

One thing we (Kyle) did over the weekend was begin the great room switch! Well, begin and end I guess, since it’s all finished. We (Kyle) combined the guest bedroom and the office together and emptied out the guest bedroom for… the baby! We’re finally getting somewhere you guys!

I feel so behind with this baby. Already. Ugh. With Leah, we had the car seat and stroller, a closet full of clothes, bottles, a monitor, furniture, everything. She could have come at 20 weeks and we would have been completely prepared for her. This little guy has three measly outfits hanging in his closet. Now, so I don’t feel too horrible, you should know that with Leah we got most of the above items for Christmas. And we have had no gift giving holiday’s with this baby. No one bought him anything for Memorial Day. Rats. And we already have the car seat and stroller. And we have to wait to find out the sex before we can buy the furniture. So, really, I’m not that bad of a mom. And we are making progress.

He has a room! And three outfits! That kind of made it seem real. To have a big open space that needs to be filled. Somewhere I can go in and check on and dream in – just as I did with Leah’s. Somewhere to stare at empty walls and design in my head and slowly fill. It’s getting fun, ya’ll. There’s really a baby coming.

Leah also loves the open space, she likes going in there, exclaiming, “baby!” and then running circles and jumping and somersaulting. Duncan likes to sit and look out the window. Oh, what will they do when that room is filled with things… and… the baby?!

Another thing we (this time I) did this weekend was get Grandma all lined up for the big arrival. Thank God for mom, right? This baby has a 99% chance of coming on November 1, 2013. Write that down in your calendars. Scheduled C-Sections make things so easy! Unless of course, he comes early and on his own. Then. Well, crap. (PS, Kyle has his next test October 31 – hollllla)! But either way, I told my mom to come now and plan to leave in January and that should about cover it! I let her know that she could stay in the basement and we’d ring a bell when we need her then she can return down after she’s done what we asked of her. Sounds good, right? I thought so. No really, she’ll come a couple days before and leave a couple days after. And she’ll even have a bed. But she’ll have to share with Duncan. Talk about making it seem real! Having that kind of plan was almost too much for me. I suddenly felt very behind.

In so many ways, I feel like preparing for this birth is a million times more complicated. Sure with Leah it was overwhelming. We didn’t really know what to expect. There were tons of questions. But there was just two of us. This time we know what to expect… kind of. We know how to have a baby… but not so much how to have a baby and a toddler and a dog. Now I’ve got to get the two of us ready… and Leah… and Duncan… and make sure it all goes smoothly.

But I’m excited for Leah. So, so excited. Kids need a sibling so bad. Someone to grow up with. Someone to watch. Someone to talk to when they don’t talk to mom or dad. Gosh, she’s gonna love it. She’ll probably be jealous some, hate him (or her) some, hit him some, take things, throw things, and whine. But she’ll love him (or herrrr), too. She’ll help and she’ll hug and she’ll feed and she’ll play. She’ll share and she’ll be sweet and she’ll just love it.

And Duncan, well I have no idea what he’ll do. He’ll probably sniff and steal toys and lick spit up or something equally gross. But he’s a very good big brother. I have very high confidence in him. I’m imagining him going groggily (it’s a word) to all the nightly feedings with me. We’ll see.

Sometime in the next twenty two weeks I need to work on getting them both prepared. I’ve got big plans for Leah for the big day (Grandma get ready), and some minor plans along the way. I’m thinking a book or two for Leah and… well… something for Duncan. Maybe I can steal someones baby for an afternoon. I’m kiddddingg.

Leah’s catching on very quick. She knows there is a baby, she knows where the room is, she knows where the clothes are, and she has added him to the prayer list at night (that list is out of control).

Duncan is oblivious. But he’ll get there.

We’re on a pretty good roll right now. These next five months are packed full though, and time isn’t slowing down.




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