Fun Friday.

I don’t know if it was the fact that Leah woke up bright eyed and bushy-tailed at 6am. If it was the pancakes I decided to make at 6:30. The fact that we all got to eat breakfast together before Kyle went to work. The walk we had in perfect weather at 7:30am. The exceptionally chatty and happy Leah. The crazy burst of energy I’ve had. The open windows throughout the house. Or Leah’s 23 month birthday.

But man, what a fun Friday we’re having. Things are just going well around here today. Everyone is happy. No one is bored, or fussy, or sick, or moody.

I think it actually all started last night – when we had neighbors over – who had kids! And our kids got to play together! In the backyard! That’s a big deal – to have people right up the street that have kids the same age as yours. It’s funny what makes you happy at different stages in life. These particular neighbors have a 15m old boy and a 3y old girl – so Leah is smack in the middle. So fun. And she actually initiated a lot of the playing, a lot of fun to watch. She initiates playing by going up to someone and standing beside them, sometimes trying to hug them. Pretty sweet – and awkward. But hey, usually it works. Maybe we should all do that. She had a lot of fun swinging with the little girl and showing her different things. Thank goodness we put a swing set up! Hopefully there are lots more nights like that in our future.

So we just woke up happy.

Normally when Leah wakes up exceptionally early I roll over and pretend I don’t hear her. Today my first reaction was, “pancakes!” And even they turned out perfect. Which doesn’t always happen with my pancakes. We’ve been going up since then. And Kyle tells me he has a surprise for me when he gets home – you know what that means – a brownie from work!

Did you catch the part about Leah being 23 months old. Today is a very weird day for me. I keep seeing June 7th on my phone and having a slight heart attack. Sometimes I swear I read July and I’ve missed her birthday. Sometimes I think I’m going to have a baby in a month. Sometimes I have crazy flashbacks to two years ago when I was the size of a whale and preparing to get her out. And then mostly I think I’ve got a big party to get ready for in a month!

She’s gonna be two! And I am loving me a two year old. Mainly because I don’t have to say how many “months” old she is anymore. I can just say, “two.” Or better, she can say “two.” Do people actually say 23 months? Or 24 months? The “months” ages really drive me nuts; always have. You have to, I get it, especially when they’re little because every month means something new. But now, she’s just two. And doing what two year olds do. And I love her. And am so ready for her party.

The other baby is 19 weeks. And likes to move! Oh boy, do we have another one?!?!? There were a couple weeks where I couldn’t figure out if he moved less than Leah. Nope, I don’t think he does. Maybe some days, but he’s really picking up the pace. He definitely moves at different times. Leah was up with me at 6am kicking and going crazy. This little guy likes to stay up laaaate and I don’t really hear from him in the morning until about 10. Ha. Lazy bum. I used to get worried about this, but now I’ve figured out his pattern so I rest a little easier. And when he gets going… woah. And I smile like I smiled with Leah – love it more than anything. 19 weeks means we are on the verge of finding out if “he” is indeed a he or perhaps another “she.” I’ve gone back and forth a lot – for now – until the ultrasound I’m sticking with boy. Kyle’s stuck on girl. What say you? I’m so excited to find out – and also to find out that he’s healthy and perfect. Would you join us in that prayer? I love that people can wait to find out until their born, and I get a little jealous of the feeling that must be. But I just can’t do it. No way.

I’m so excited about either. I know some people really want one or the other – but gosh I’d be so excited if we had another girl! Or a boy! Or some new gender no ones ever had before! I just want a baby! A girl means a sister. And two little chatty things running around with pig tails. A boy means a buddy for Kyle and everything new. Just tell me there’s a baby in my belly and I’ll love it.

That’s where we are today. Have a good weekend.






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