Another One!

Can you believe it, two little girls!!

I am beside myself excited. Can’t stop smiling excited. Heart fluttering excited.

I’m in love with this little girl. Well, I have been – but now I can officially call her a little girl!

The “one of each” may have been fun, but I have always loved the idea of two girls. Sisters. There is nothing better. You are so very welcome, Leah. I think this is the best thing we could have done for you. Maybe someday we’ll have a boy – I don’t think we’re out of this baby making game – but today is not that day. And that is fine by me.

I love the spunk and sass of little girls. The little purses and painted nails. The shopping and buying. And have you seen my little girl? we’re not lacking any rough and tumble or sports enthusiasm. I’m sure I would love boys; but all I know is girls. And I can’t wait to add on.

Man, I’m glad today’s over. I’m sitting on my couch right now recovering from a long day of stewing. You remember stewing – it’s not just for Kyle. Just like with Leah, the 24 hours leading up to this ultrasound were terrifying. My thoughts shifted from boy or girl to just be okay. Just be healthy. Please have two arms and two legs and a strong heart. Please have a nose and a brain.

Good news… she does! Go, Quinn, Go!

Thank you, Jesus, for not one – but two perfect little girls. We are blessed parents and don’t take it for granted.

Quinn. Let me tell you a little bit about this little monkey. I call her monkey now because I feel like she very much is one. About a week ago I started getting these thoughts of, “ok, is she more crazy than Leah?! Is she moving more? Is she stronger?” You guys. She might just be. The ultrasound tech would back me up. She told us numerous times that she was a mover. The kid gets around in there. She would barely sit still enough for pictures; in fact, we only left with one kind of good one. Every time she got close to her face Quinn took her little hand, spread her fingers, and covered her face… you have got to be kidding me. She is something. Already. The tech also commented on her cute little feet – which I remember the same comments on Leah’s feet. Do they all comment on babies feet, or do we just make babies with exceptionally cute feet? I don’t know, but they were pretty darling.

I feel like she’s going to come out a handful. I feel like she’s really funny – or she thinks she is. I thought Leah would come out moving, be super strong, and hate sleep – and I was right on that one. We shall see if my instincts are right again. I’m a little scared at this point. My biggest cravings right now are hot sauce, cake, and alcohol – if that combination doesn’t scream handful I don’t know what does. Remember when she didn’t wake up til 10 -that has changed. Now she wakes me up at 430 almost every day. I usually lay there and laugh. And think to myself, “don’t they say the second is the lazy one??” I guess Proebsting babies don’t get the same memo’s as all the other babies. Also, she is supposed to be 10.5oz… she’s 14. Guess that’s where all the cake I eat goes.

I think I’m the most excited for Leah. Gosh, a sister. I told Kyle we wouldn’t stop making babies until she had one. So I guess it’s a good thing we’re getting it out of the way now. There is just nothing better for a girl than a sister – I know, I have one. And she’s pretty good at it. I can’t wait to see how their big sister/little sister relationship plays out. It’ll be fun for me to watch Leah take care of Quinn – hopefully as good as Lauren took care of me. She is already a pretty big fan. She loves to go in her room, pick her out clothes, and now look at her ultrasound pictures. I’m sure she’ll have moments, but I think she’s really going to love being a big sister.

Her dad is also pretty excited. And that makes me really happy. I didn’t know if he’d be let down without a little boy. However, with no prompting at all, he keeps telling me how happy he is and how fun it’s going to be. Which makes perfect sense in my mind, because he is a great dad for little girls. I could cry over that one if I think about it too long.

From here it’s onto the fun stuff! I can finally buy paint and furniture! I have it all decorated in my mind, just need to get out the credit card :). Kyle got a little excited tonight when it occurred to him that we already have girl clothes… then I reminded him that Leah’s short sleeve onsies aren’t going to work for Quinn in November. Poor guy. I do have some things she can use – but she’ll need some of her own, too. At this point with Leah, I felt like time really slowed down. This time I feel like it’s only going to get faster.

Kyle! We have to get moving!

Quinn is coming!

Guys! IT’S A SHE!


Isn’t she so cute? And by “she” I mean her two fingers covering up her face.

She’s a mess.




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